My Elec-Traks - Production!

I've compiled a real brief history of the G.E. Elec-Trak Garden Tractor here from the bits and pieces I've learned over the years. Over the years I've been able to contact many of the almost 300 employees who worked for G.E. on the project as well as former dealers and original owners.

We would really welcome any additions anyone can make to the story, especially those who were there and helped design, manufacture and sell these tractors. Please me if you have information, documents and pictures to add to this history. Your memories are more important than you think!

Chapter Two: 1970-1972 Production...

At the end of 1973 the Elec-trak operation had almost 300 employees. The plant had grown from 40,000 square feet to close to 200,000 square feet of production office and warehouse in three different buildings in the Scotia industrial park. With few exceptions such as the mower deck, and the tractor deck, all fabrication work was done in house. Those exceptions were due to the fact they did not have large enough presses to make those items. The drive motors were made by the G.E. plant in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Even the circuit boards and wiring harnesses were built in-house.

Engineers at the Elec-Trak Plant in N.Y.

Building the first E15 (Original photo)

Elec-Trak Assembly Line

Building the first E15 (Original photo)

First off the line!

Start-up team that designed and built the Elec-Traks in early 1970 (Original photo)

Celebrating success!

OPEO Manufacturing Manager Pat Palmisano (Original photo)

G.E. Elec-Trak Plant in N.Y.

Setting up the Elec-Trak plant (Original photo)

Elec-Trak Plant Documents:
Elec-Trak Product Patents:
Elec-Trak Garden Tractor News:

This was an internal newsletter produced at the G.E. Elec-Trak plant in Schenectady, N.Y. As you can see, many of the issues of "Elec-Trak Garden Tractor News" are missing from this list. If you have any of the issues missing here please me.

An Elec-Trak winner on "Let's Make a Deal!" in 1971

G.E. Dealership

A General Electric Dealership in Indiana, 1972.
(The lawn sweeper pictured above is a Parker Trailette.)

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