My Elec-Traks - The Wheel Horse C-185


The Wheel Horse C-185

After the 1974 acquisition of the Elec-Trak line by Wheel Horse, the company took over the plant in New York and continued producing the electric tractors but with a much more limited offering of models. There were only three models of Wheel Horse "Elec-Traks" which were equivalent models to the ER8-36, E14 and the E20. They were of course painted Wheel Horse's classic red in color. They continued production for only a year before they moved production to South Bend, IN. Wheel Horse continued to experiment with electric garden tractors beyond the first G.E. Elec-Trak models for a short time until ending production of them enitrely in 1983. Each of these Wheel Horse models are pretty rare as they manufactured very few of any of them.

The C-185 is was identical the the Elec-Trak Model E20 with the exception of the color scheme and decals of course. It is said the C-185 was possibly the best Elec-Trak ever made. Not only because it was top of the line for power but by now, G.E. had fine tuned the electronics to be the most solid, well running machine of it's time. They are out there, if you can get one, do it!

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