My Elec-Traks - The Wheel Horse A-65


The Wheel Horse A-65

After the 1974 acquisition of the Elec-Trak line by Wheel Horse, the company took over the plant in New York and continued producing the electric tractors but with a much more limited offering of models. There were only three models of Wheel Horse "Elec-Traks" which were equivalent models to the ER8-36, E14 and the E20. They were of course painted Wheel Horse's classic red in color. They continued production for only a year before they moved production to South Bend, IN. Wheel Horse continued to experiment with electric garden tractors beyond the first G.E. Elec-Trak models for a short time until ending production of them enitrely in 1983. Each of these Wheel Horse models are pretty rare as they manufactured very few of any of them.

The A-65 was identical the the Elec-Trak Model ER8-36 with the exception of the color scheme and decals of course. The A-65 may be the most rare of all Wheel Horse tractors, very few were ever made.

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