My Elec-Traks - Golfing Attachments

The Elec-Trak Golfing Collection might be among the most unusual attachments ever made for any garden tractor anywhere! Breton Industries manufactured a dual golf bag holder, a double seat and a canopy top to allow the Elec-Trak owner to transform their garden tractor into a wannabe golf cart! I suppose for that land owner who had enough land to build their own 3 hole, par 3 golf course it would save room in your garage. I canít imagine any golf course allowing you to drive your garden tractor on their course but I guess you never know. Perhaps some golf courses actually did invest in some Elec-Traks for light duty grounds work. As mentioned in the tractor section I have dedicated my E12 tractor to these very cool accessories. Ok, so I don't actually golf myself but the rig will come in handy to give my new granddaughter tractor rides!

"NOS" Canopy Top (BC11):

The Canopy Top (BC11) actually came in two different flavors, one a flat top with a black vinyl covering, the other with a peaked top with a black vinyl covering. I picked both frames up from Jim Coate at the Electric Tractor Store. Only one of the canopies still had the original vinyl top so I am going to have a matching one made for the other frame. Later I picked up another peaked version from Kansas Wind Power. That one was "NOS" and had never been used! The hardware was still sealed in a little cardboard pouch. The Elec-Trak Golf Canopy Top was displayed on Page 9 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:

Flat Golf Canopy

The complete G.E. Elec-Trak Golf Accessories Package.

Peaked Golf Canopy

"NOS" The "peaked" version of the Elec-Trak Golf Canopy Top (BC11)

Peaked Golf Canopy

The "peaked" version frame (BC11)

Canopy Hardware

"NOS" Canopy Top hardware still sealed in this cardboard bag

Dual Golf Bag Holder (BG33):

My wife picked up my Dual Golf Bag Holder (BG33) from Kansas Wind Power for my Christmas present in 2009. I guess I managed to leave enough hints around the house- like a note with their phone number taped to the phone! The attachment allows the user to strap two standard sized golf bags to the back of the tractor. It's a pretty old school design but still very functional. The Elec-Trak Dual Golf Bag Holder was also highlighted with the canopies on Page 9 of the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:

Golf Bag Holder

The Elec-Trak Dual Golf Bag Holder (BG33)

Golf Bag Holder

Old school military-like straps held the golf bags secure.

Golf Bag Holder

The unit slipped into the stabber slots on the back of the tractor.

Golf Bag Holder Hardware

"NOS" Golf Bag Holder Hardware also still sealed in the cardboard bag.

"NOS" Double seat (BD22):

I was able to pick up a Double Seat (BD22) from Jim Coate at the Electric Tractor Store in the summer of 2010. He did not have the original side bars but he had some that were fabricated by Bill Gunn. In the fall of 2010 I picked up an E12 and the owner had a "NOS" Double Seat, complete with side bars that had never been installed. It had been in storage for some time and looked awful. Truthfully I wondered if it would clean up. You can see the results below. So, now I have two of them so I plan to use the one I got from Jim with my "NOS" Elec-Trak Maintenance Cart Kit (CF20) as G.E. offered it as an optional feature with the kit. The Elec-Trak Double Seat (BD22) was displayed on Page 9 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:

Double Seat during cleaning

My "NOS" Double Seat (BD22) during the cleaning process.

Double Seat- all pretty!

Not too bad!

Double Seat on the tractor.

Looking good!

G.E. Logo'd Golf Accessories:

I thought I'd round out the golfing collection with some G.E. logoed golf accessories. Although these were never made for the Elec-Trak I thought my E12 needed some finishing touches. General Electric at one time actually had their own golf course! The Hidden Creek Golf Course was located in G.E. Park in Cincinnati, OH and run by the General Electric Employees Activities Association (GEEAA). The course was an executive course, a par 60, that was a challenge to all levels of golfers. Surely they would not object to taking an Elec-Trak out on their own course!

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