My Elec-Traks - Dealer Promotional Items

Dealers were provided with a variety of promotional items over time. I don't have too many of them (wish I had more!) but here is the most complete listing I have come up with of those that I have and of those that I wish I had. Most of these promotional items are listed in the following publications:

6' X 4' Store Front Sign (GEN-391)

A couple of months after I purchased the 9' X 3' sign below from the Electric Tractor Store, I stopped in again to pick up a few odds and ends. As I walked through the shop, in the exact same spot where the last sign had been, was another rectangular object covered with the same old moving blanket the 9' X 3' sign was covered with. I was kidding when I asked Jim if that was another Elec-Trak sign never believing he would have found another one. He nearly had to pick me up off the floor when he said Yes! Having just seen the huge sign below I was surprised how big 6' X 4' really was. I happen to be in the right place at the right time I guess as he had just gotten it in from another customer. He was generous enough not to let me squirm too much before saying he would sell it to me. Like the 9' X 3' sign below it is painted metal with a wood frame adding strength on the back. It's pretty obvious it's from the same sign painter. Again, although it was made for the outdoors, I'll be keeping it in the basement during the winter months to protect it from the elements, in the summer it hangs out in the barn with the rest of the collection. If this keeps up I'm going to run out of wall space! This sign was just $10.00 back in 1972. Just FYI, the price has gone up over the years.

6' by 4' Elec-Trak Sign

6' X 4' Store Front Sign (GEN-391)

9' X 3' Store Front Sign (GEN-392)

This was the biggest sign General Electric produced for it's dealer channel. Nine feet in length and three feet high it takes a fair amount of room up on a wall in the barn. The sign itself is painted metal with a wood frame adding strength on the back. The wood frame is stamped with the manufacturer who made the sign for G.E. Although it was made for the outdoors, I'll be keeping it in the basement during the winter months to protect it from the elements. Jim Coate from the Electric Tractor Store generously accepted an offer on this from me after some humiliating begging on my part (actually he was quite gracious and he kept me from embarrassing myself too much). I love sharing it with other people now along with my collection of tractors and attachments. The sign was just $15.00 for dealers back in 1972. I try not to talk about what I paid for it.

9' by 3' Elec-Trak Sign

9' X 3' Store Front Sign (GEN-392)

Elec-Trak Sound Movie (GEN-397)

Believed to be lost forever but uncovered just a couple years ago I have the honor of releasing this lost footage of a 16MM film G.E. made available to Elec-Trak Dealers in the 1970's. A man named "Robert" gave the original film to Jerry Rhodes while the METI group was upgrading his tractor with their new design. Robert was an engineer for a railroad and he bought several GE machines when they first came out. He got to know the district manager for Elec-Trak sales and provided GE with many recommendations for improvements. GE even got to where they would drop off new machines for him to use when they made changes, then come back and retrieve them and his opinion. The district manager was the one who actually gave the film to him way back when.

This film is a truly classic! 8 mins. 40 secs. long, you will find that it was made very early and most of the equipment shown are prototypes but none the less perform flawlessly. Special thanks go out to Robert for sharing this film, to the METI group for digitizing it to DVD and to Jerry for allowing me to release it on my web site.

Elec-Trak Sound Movie (GEN-397)

Film Can

"In the can"

Open Film Can

I'll have to explain to my kids what film was!

Elec-Trak 50-second Film Clip (AS-7022)

Also believed to be lost forever but uncovered in 2012 this lost footage of an Elec-Trak television commercial G.E. made available to Elec-Trak Dealers in the 1970's. It was posted one day on YouTube and after a little detective work I was able to track down the person who posted the clip. He graciously gave me a copy of the clip and I provided him with a copy of the feature length movie in return. There's a lot more to this story! I'll have to add in the details one day!

The sound is missing from this clip but an attempt is being made to retrive it and perhaps someday marry it back to the video clip itself. Unlike the movie above, this clip was transfered from film to VCR tape in 1986 preserving the color. Due to it's age the movie above has all but faded to black and white. In 2012 the television commercial was transfered again to DVD format and then uploaded to YouTube for all to see. Stay tuned for more developments!

Elec-Trak 50-Second Film Clip (AS-7022)

"NOS" Fluorescent-lighted Dealer Sign (GEN-978):

This 120V fluorescent-lighted, 12" X 25" Elec-Trak Dealer Sign I was able to pick-up was "NOS", still in the original box- it had never been used! Personally I think they should have made this 36V and had it run off a tractor in the showroom. Believe it or not the original price to a dealer for this item was $8.40! Again, I paid slightly more for it than that.

Lighted Sign

"NOS" Fluorescent-lighted Dealer Sign (GEN-978)

Boom & Bracket Dealer Sign (GEN-980):

This 24" X 40", double-sided Elec-Trak Dealer Sign I picked up just 30 miles from my home town back in Michigan. The original price to a dealer for this item was just $7.00! It included a boom and bracket that attached to the outside of the building and extended over the sidewalk. It was missing from this sign but I found a replacement one that was a dead ringer for the original.

Boom & Bracket Sign

Boom & Bracket Dealer Sign (GEN-980)

Dealer Wall Sign (GEN-981):

This smaller 12" X 20" aluminum, single-sided color Elec-Trak dealer sign I was able to pick up from the same ex-dealer I picked up the Boom & Bracket Sign (GEN-980) above from. The original price to a dealer for this item was just $3.75! It's in a little rougher shape but there can't be too many of them still around. I really feel blessed to have found so many of these dealer signs.

Wall Sign

Dealer Wall Sign (GEN-981)

"NOS" Lapel Buttons (GEN-986):

There were a number of buttons produced over the four years the Elec-Trak was being manufactured. These were mainly used for dealers to wear but I know some folks from the plant ended up with them as well as they were occasionally used as customer give-aways. Here are a couple examples I was given from a former OPEO executive. Please email me if you have additional examples of Lapel Buttons.

Lapel Button

Label Buttons (GEN-986)

Elec-Trak Imprinted Balloons (GEN-987):

When the Elec-Traks were first introduced, dealers could buy a package of (100) Imprinted Balloons for $2.30! The very idea that any of these old balloons still existed was pretty slim. When a friend was rummaging through some old dealer's stock, there at the bottom of a cardboard box was a single, dried up balloon. Against all odds he decided to turn it over and as proof miracles do happen, it was an old Elec-Trak Balloon! Probably the only one in existance and will have to be kept under glass to keep it from disintegrating!


Elec-Trak Imprinted Balloons (GEN-987)

Elec-Trak Planting Guide Ruler (GEN-988):

This promotional tricket was after my own heart as we exclusively use Elec-Traks on our small farm in Tennessee. Why they had them made up in orange instead of yellow is a bit curious. This is the only one I have ever seen so perhaps they came in multiple colors, I'm not entirely sure.

Planting Ruler

Planting Guide Ruler (GEN-988)

Elec-Trak Key Tag (GEN-990):

I had to do some real trading to get this key chain. Now I just need a dozen more- one for each of my tractors! If you own one yourself and want it to go to a home where it will be well appreciated, please drop me an !

Key Tag

Elec-Trak Key Chain (GEN-990)

Elec-Trak Golf Cap with Patch (GEN-991):

This "Elec-Trak Golf Cap with Patch" was found in an inventory of parts an ex-Elec-Trak Dealer had. I had met the dealer several years ago at the 40th Anniversary Gathering and he was wearing it at the time. He did verify for me it was indeed one of the original caps GE sold to it's dealers. Long story how it found it's way all the way to Tennessee but glad to have it in the collection!

Ball Cap

Elec-Trak Golf Cap with Patch (GEN-991)

Elec-Trak Tie Clip (GEN-992):

This "NOS" Elec-Trak Tie Clip was donated to my collection by Mr. Richard Martinelli, the former Manager of Product Service of OPEO. The product service group developed the "Elec-Trak Hot Line"and walked dealers through troubleshooting and repair of the tractors over the telephone. He also been kind enough to pass on to me several other items and photographs. Thanks Dick!

Tie Clip

"NOS" Elec-Trak Tie Clip (GEN-992)

"NOS" Cloth Patch (GEN-993):

There were apparently at least two cloth patches they made for salesmen and technicians to sew on their clothing. I was given these from a former OPEO executive. Please email me if you have additional examples of Cloth Patches.

Cloth Patch

Cloth Patch (GEN-993)

"NOS" Automatic Tractor Seller (GEN-1177):

This "Automatic" Tractor Seller was designed to sit on the hood of a tractor in a showroom and allow prospective customers to flip through it on their own practically guaranteeing a sale! This one is a bit dusty on the outside but is pretty clean all through the inside. You can download a PDF copy of the Automatic Tractor Seller by clicking here (27.69MB)

Automatic Tractor Seller

"NOS" Automatic tractor Seller (GEN-1177)

"NOS" Elec-Trak Showroom Window Sign:

At least that's what I think it is! Actually, I'm thinking it's really just part of some old G.E. packing material! I picked up two of these 18" by 36" banners from an ex-dealer who came across them cleaning up his basement one day. He has been very kind to keep me in mind whenever he trips across any items that have to do with these tractors. My best guess is these were designed to tape in the showroom windows of the dealerships but I"m asking around to discover just exactly what they were used for. If you recognize what they are, please !

Window Banner

"NOS" Dealership Window Banner?

"NOS" Free Mower Deck Showroom Sign:

This sign was given to dealers for a special promotion where consumers received a free mower deck with the purchase of a new Elec-Trak. I picked this up from an ex-dealer. A very sweet deal for the new Elec-Trak owner! Although pretty dusty it also appears to never have been used. I'm not sure but there must have been either a calendar or customer flyers attached to the bottom portion of the sign. The dealer correspondence concerning this 1971 offering can be found here. My E12 was bought by its original owner in June of 1972 and he was able to take advantage of this program. His original invoice details the deal.

Free Mower Sign

"NOS" Free Mower Deck Showroom Sign

"NOS" Rotary Dial Telephone Cover:

Another one of the items I picked up along the way was a couple of Dealer Telephone Hot Line Covers for the old style rotary dial telephones. After finding them in with a box of manuals I got I decided I needed to pick-up an old "Elec-Trak Yellow" rotary telephone off eBay to show one of them off with in the shop. For $5 it makes quite the conversation piece and yes, the phone still works- too bad the "Hot Line" number doesn't! Very cool!

Associated Publications:

Telephone Cover

"NOS" Rotary Dial Telephone Cover for the Dealer's Hot line

"NOS" Elec-Trak Decal:

This "NOS" Elec-Trak Decal is about 8" across and was shipped to dealers for use on their showroom windows and other locations. I got my friend Harold Zimmerman to part with one of these he had picked up along the way. (Actually I'm not ashamed to beg and I think I finally wore him down after a few weeks of it!)

Elec-trak Decal

Elec-Trak Dealer Thermometer:

This item was actually never produced by General Electric for their Elec-Trak dealer channel. Ray Thompson Sales, an Elec-Trak dealer in Alpena, Michigan had these thermometers special made as a give-away promotion just for their local customers. Thompson Sales is still in business today however when I called them they notified me that any Elec-Trak parts or other trinkets they may have had in the past are long gone- dang it!

Elec-trak Thermometer

Elec-Trak Dealer Matchbook Cover:

Likewise, this item was also never produced by General Electric for their Elec-Trak dealer channel. Kindt's Lawn Mower Sales and Service, an Elec-Trak dealer in Millville, PA had these matchbooks special made as a give-away promotion for their local customers as well.

Elec-trak Matchbook Cover

Elec-Trak Dealer Golf Divet Tool:

Yves Daigle of Quebec City, Canada beat me out of this item on an eBay sale some years ago. These were not actually produced by General Electric for their Elec-Trak dealers either however Spenser Tractor in Iowa did have them made up as a give-away promotion for their local customers.

Elec-trak Divet Tool

Still looking forÖ

Iím still looking for a lot of the Elec-Trak Dealer Promotional Items. I know of at least a couple of folks out there who still have one or two of these gems.
Below are a couple pictures I was able to acquire...

1972 Electric Year Banner (GEN-398)

1972 Electric Year Banner

Fluorescent-lighted Dealer Sign (GEN-978):

This appears to be a yellow version of the same sign I own above.

Yellow Fluorescent-lighted Dealer Sign

Additional items I am looking for that I donít have pictures of areÖ

  • 4' X 6' Double-sided Fluorescent Lighted Sign
  • 50-second Film Clip (AS-7022)
  • 30-second Film Clip (AS-7106)
  • 24" X 40" Aluminum Sign (GEN-979)
  • Sidewalk Sign (GEN-982)
  • Truck Sign (GEN-983)
  • Truck Sign (GEN-983B)
  • Display Card (GEN-984)
  • Wall Chart (GEN-985)
  • Wall Chart (GEN-985B)
  • Tees & Putting Markers (GEN-989)
  • Magnetic Feature Set (GEN-1176)
  • Testimonial Poster (GEN-5544)
  • Testimonial Poster (GEN-5544B)
If you have any of these items and wish to see them go to a good home where they will be well appreciated, please ! Even if you are not ready to part with them just yet I would welcome any pictures you can send me of these items that I might add them to this site to share with others.