My Elec-Traks - Lawn Care Attachments

Lawn care is probably the number one use of Elec-Traks across the country. General Electric made a number of lawn care attachments for the family of tractors as well as had partnerships with many manufacturers to make attachments available for them. Beyond mowers decks, G.E. managed to assemble quite a variety of attachments for the home owner looking to enhance their lawn.

"NOS" 42" Rotary Mower Rear Discharge (AA42R) and Side Discharge (AA42S):

The mower decks for the large-framed Elec-Traks were mounted on the front of the machines and had three individual 36V electric motors that spun the mower blades and were powered through the tractor's PTO port. They are notorious for high maintenance and seem to need a fair amount of attention and complete rebuilds every so often. Still, they work well when kept in shape and my decks have never failed to impress me concerning the performance they have.

General Electric made two primary models (with a lot of different variations within each of these two models), a side-discharge unit (AA42S) and a rear-discharge unit (AA42R) which most users tend to prefer. The rear discharge unit also lends itself more to those who wish to combine it with the Lawn Sweeper (AS31) attachment. Kits were made available to allow users to switch from one flavor to the other. These consisted of side panels as well as different baffles to be installed under the mower deck to direct grass clippings accordingly. As mentioned, Within the two models there were a LOT of variations over the years all within three primary styles. The early (26AA42AA) was a very plain deck and G.E. found out almost immediately it was going to require more structural strength. The (26AA42BA) through (26AA42FA) decks added pieces of angle iron that were added to the tops of the decks. Finally, the (26AA42GA) through (26AA42TA) had a "star" stamping in the deck instead of the angle iron to add strength. I went through the decks in Harold Zimmerman's shed and there were GA's, MA's PA's you name it. All were design improvements over the previous variation in an attempt to enhance the reliability of the product. In addition to different variations in the decks themselves, G.E. also had a number of different variations in the mower motors. The Rotary Mower Decks are highlighted on Page 1 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

By some miracle I came across a "NOS" Rotary Mower Deck an ex-dealer had stored in his warehouse all these years, never opened, it still had the cardboard box and metal strapping around it. It's a good thing I have several decks, I can't even bring myself to completely unpack it!

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Mower Deck Box

My brand new "NOS" deck, still in the box!

Opening the box

I just can't bring myself to totally unpack it yet!

AA Side Discharge Mower Deck

Close-up of the first (26AA42AA) 42" Rotary Mower Deck with all different mower motors.

Side Discharge Mower Deck

(26AA42BA-26AA42FA) later 42" Rotary Mower Deck models with angle iron added.

Side Discharge Mower Deck

The (26AA42GA-26AA42TA) 42" Rotary Mower Decks had a star stamped design.

Different Mower Motors

G.E. produced 4 different style deck motors over the years.
The large motor on the far right is from the 42" Heavy Duty Motor Kit (KA03).

Mower Attachment Bracket:

Oddly enough, the Mower Attachment Bracket was never given a four digit part number. I suppose since it was only ever used for use with a front attached mower deck it was assumed to be part of the deck itself and not a separate item. All the same I have separated it out to demonstrate the need for this bracket if using any of the front attached decks. What often comes up missing on many tractors over the year is the two aluminum clips on that hold the bracket on so it does not wander out of the stabber holes (see photos below). I currently have three of these brackets and was able to pick-up "NOS" replacement rubber bumpers for each of them from the Electric Tractor Store.

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Mower Bracket

Mower Attachment Bracket

Mower Bracket Clips

Mower Bracket Clips

Mower Bracket with clips

Installed mower bracket with aluminum clips

First Elec-Trak Mower Wheel Style

A real antique- "NOS" first style of Elec-Trak mower deck wheels before wooden rollers were added.

Mower Blades (AP23, AP24, AP25, AP26, AP27):

If you have a mower deck, you most likely have mower blades, else you probably have some pretty long grass. Since this was an item that needed to be replaced at least somewhat frequently compared to most other parts on the Elec-Trak they no doubt were given their own part numbers. Not much more one can say about a set of mower blades. The (AP23) blades were 18" x 7/8" shaft for the E8M, E8HM, and the E10M. The (AP24) were 14" blades for the E12M, the (AP25) 14" blades were for the large frame tractors, (AP26) were 3/4" shafts for high discharge for the small-framed tractors and the (AP27) 3/4" shafts for standard discharge for both the small-framed tractors as well as the ER8-36.

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"NOS" Mower Clamp Kit:

This kit was introduced after G.E. started to experience vibration issues with thier mower motors and decks. A relatively easy fix for G.E. but you may notice some of the Elec-Traks you see have them installed, others, particularily older modles, do not. I found this "NOS" Mower Clamp Kit in a box of extra parts from a tractor I bought.

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Mower Clamp Kit

"NOS" Elec-Trak Mower Clamp Kit

Elec-Trak Gang Mower (AR57):

The Elec-Trak Gang Mower was made by the Roxy-Bonner Corporation who offered the same model on many competitor machines such as Bolens, Cub Cadet and Wheel Horse. It was made to be towed behind the large-framed tractors. It could cut up to a 57" path with a height adjustment of 1/2" to 2 1/2". The hitches were universal allowing the cascading of two more units for an even wider cutting path. With the right type of grass and if kept half-way short, these gang mower could cut a lot of time off mowing the yard. G.E. also fabricated a combination front/rear mount model out of Roxy=Bonner reel mowers as well for those how liked the idea of front mounted mowering decks. To date I've never known one of those to have survived but perhaps one day one will surface! The gang mower is highlighted on Page 2 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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Elec-Trak Gang Mower

The Elec-Trak Gang Mower

Elec-Trak Lawn Sweeper (AS31):

The Elec-Trak Lawn Sweeper was made by the Lambert Corporation as were many other garden tractor manufacturers sweepers of the day. Today, Midwest Products is the only manufacturer of Lambert engineered products and their sweepers look very similar today. The Elec-Trak Lawn Sweeper was an OEM product, painted yellow and had the Elec-Trak logo on the outside. It was highlighted on Page 3 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. I picked my lawn sweeper up from a fellow by the name of Robbie Robinson from the central Ohio area. Robbie has been a veteran of Elec-Traks for years and is one of the real experts I have met on these machines. Every time I talk to him I learn something new.

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Elec-Trak Lawn Sweeper

The Elec-Trak Lawn Sweeper

Electric Lawn Sweeper Conversion Kit (KS31):

With the Electric Lawn Sweeper Conversion Kit (KS31), one could add an electric motor to the Elec-Trak Lawn Sweeper (AS31) to give the unit better performance and higher quality sweeping of lawn clippings and leaves. According to brochures, you needed to add two options to the manual sweeper to "electrify" it, conversion kits (KS31) and (KS32). (KS31) had all the necessary hardware to add a mower motor to the unit and I have yet to figure out what (KS32) even is! I've never seen any details on in except being mentioned as required in a couple of brochures. It could have been the mower motor itself since it was not included in the (KS31) kit although the literature does mention 211A343561 as being the required part number for the mower motor so perhaps not. As shown in the picture above, my sweeper has this kit already installed on it. It was powered through the tractors accessory port allowing the mower deck to have full use of the PTO port. The photo below shows a disassembled partial kit I picked up along the way. The open box was my first clue all the pieces might not be there! Click on the the GEZ-5099-1/2 brochure link below to see the entire bill of materials.

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Electric Lawn Sweeper Conversion Kit

Most of a (KS31) Electric Lawn Sweeper Conversion Kit

E-Z Vac Lawn Vacuum (40E) & E-Z Vac Metal Cart Cover & Bonnet (20):

The Elec-Trak Lawn Vacuum appears to be a late comer as far as attachments are concerned. It shows up in a newspaper insert sent to dealers early in 1974 to be stuffed in their local area newspapers. It was made by the E-Z Rake Corporation of Lebanon, Indiana. Interestingly enough it did not have a G.E. mower motor on it as one might expect but in fact it was driven by a powerful E12 drive motor. Seems like a lot of power to me. I got my E-Z Vac from a great fellow in Ohio. I thought I was just picking up an Elec-Trak Dump Cart. A previous owner along the way had "started" to paint it green (What is it with these John Deere freaks!) but attached to it was an E-Z VAC 40E. Truthfully, I had no idea what it was until months later and I stumbled over it in the old 1974 newspaper flyer. I sure was surprised to find out what a real treasure I had in my barn.

The motor assembly actually has stabbers on it that fit in the rear of the tractor and also it also extended the hitch out so you could still attach the Elec-Trak Dump Cart (AF12) to the rear of the vacuum. The E-Z Vac sported 30” steel extended side panels for the dump cart. An attachment for the Elec-Traks side discharge mower decks was connected to a 6” diameter hose that was connected to the 36V electric lawn vacuum mounted on the rear of the tractor. From there, another 6” diameter hose was connected to a flange on the top of the dump cart’s front extend side panel. A cloth covering kept lawn clippings and debris from blowing out of the top of the dump cart. The electric motor on the vacuum was connected to the Elec-Traks optional Front & Rear Receptacle Kit (KP37). Mine only had one hose and was missing the connection to the side discharge mower as well as the top cloth. I was able to find a company that sold both hoses as well as an attachment to a variety of different manufacture's decks. Luckily I have also found some pictures of the cloth top on the internet so now I can have one fabricated for it. Frankly, I consider myself just lucky to have one of these at all. There can't be a lot of 36V lawn vacuums out there.

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EZ-VAC Lawn Attachment

The Elec-Trak (40E) Lawn Vacuum - that green paint has got to go!

EZ-VAC Name Plate

Made by the E-Z Rake Company in Lebanon, Indiana

EZ-VAC Motor

Powered by an E12 Drive Motor painted white!

York Electric Rake (LFT-GE):

The York Modern Rake Company, known today as the York Modern Corporation, made an “electric” rake for the Elec-Trak which was really an electric grass thatcher the truth be known. It, like many Elec-Trak attachments, was powered by an Elec-Trak mower motor. I was going through some old threads on the internet looking for someone who might have once owned this attachment that is featured on Page 3 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. I had found an old entry from 1998 that a fellow in Pennsylvania had one, or at least back then he had one. I tracked him down via the Elec-Trak Owners Club site, contacted him, and sure enough he still had it and was open to an offer! The motor was missing but he gave me a replacement mower motor and although I will have to have new tines fabricated, I can’t say I know anyone else who currently has one. I'm not sure if another one exists anywhere!

Associated Publications:

York Electric Rake

The York Electric Rake for the G.E. Elec-Trak!

Elec-Trak Dump Cart (AF12):

The G.E. Dump Cart was actually made by Ohio Steel Fabricators who is known today as Ohio Steel Industries located in Columbus, Ohio. This is rugged steel, not like the carts they make for garden tractors today. These carts are well sought after, get one if you can. They are very rock solid and should stand up to a lot of abuse. I finally found someone who will re-create the decals on it and am waiting for delivery of them before I give both my carts new paint jobs. It holds 1000 pounds, 12 cubic foot measuring 3' by 4' by 1' deep. A locking, spring-loaded latch allows for easy automatic dumping. It also sports stake pockets if you want to build side extensions for it. The Elec-Trak Dump Cart (AF12) is highlighted on Page 7 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:

Dump Cart

Elec-Trak Dump Cart (AF12)

"NOS" Trackless Train Hitch (KF12):

The Elec-Traks Trackless Train Hitch (KF12) attaches to the bottom of the Elec-Trak Dump Cart (AF12) and allows you hook multiple dump carts together so you have a little train going like the luggage loading trams for airplanes at the airport- too cool! The Trackless Train Hitch (KF12) was also highlighted on Page 7 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. I was able to pick up a "NOS" one from the Electric Tractor Store. The photo below shows the hitch with the cellophane on it that is holding the nuts and bolts for it.

Trackless Train Hitch

"NOS" Elec-Trak Trackless Train Hitch (KF12)

Aerator/Cultivator (BA36):

The Aerator/Cultivator (BA36) was also actually made by Ohio Steel Fabricators who today is Ohio Steel Industries located in Columbus, Ohio. I did a lot of searching to find one that matched the pictures on Page 7 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure but finally found one up in Michigan on Craig's List. The fellow actually had two of them but he said one was pretty beat up so I passed on it. When the box arrived in the mail it had been rain soaked and was damaged but I did not think too much of it until a few weeks later when I finally got around to opening it and found part of the tongue was missing! I called the seller back only to find he had just sold the other one. Luckily I had some close up photographs of this part from pictures he had sent me and so I can have the part fabricated locally. The Aerator/Cultivator was painted green and white by Ohio Steel verses the usual Elec-Trak yellow. I’m still on the lookout for its sister unit, the Ohio Steel Lawn Roller also pictured on Page 7 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. I’m sure there is one out there somewhere!


Aerator/Cultivator (BA36)

Additional items that I am interested in are…

  • Mower Blades (AP23, AP24, AP25, AP27)
  • Lawn Vacuum (AV75)
  • Broadcast Spreader (BS40) [Roto-Spred]
  • Rear Gang Mower (AR57) [Roxy Bonner, Inc]
  • Vac Attachment Kit for E-Z VAC 40E (Model 200)
  • Rear Discharge Kit (KR42)
  • Side Discharge Kit (KS42)
  • Rear Roller Conversion Kit
If you have any of these items and wish to see them go to a good home where they will be well appreciated, please ! Even if you are not ready to part with them just yet I would welcome any pictures you can send me of these items that I might add them to this site to share with others.