My Elec-Traks - E12M Tractor "Forsythia"


E12M - The "Middle" Child of the Elec-Traks

I got my E12M in Connecticut; it had originally come down from Maine. It's in pretty rough shape, however the last owner was driving it around his yard so it does run despite its appearance. The mower deck was a total loss but I was able to pick up another one from Kansas Wind Power so I am looking to combine the two into something that is decent. I call the E12M the middle child of the Elec-Trak family. Like the E8M, E8HM and the E10M before it, the E12M has a lot of unique attachments that cannot be shared but in its case it does not share any of these attachments with either the small or the large-framed tractors. On the other hand, it does use some attachments unique to the small-framed tractors (such as the snow thrower) and many unique to the large-framed tractors yet it cannot use all the attachments that were made for the large-framed tractors. It is a very confusing machine. For my own sanity I have decided to outfit my E12M with all the unique attachment G.E. created for it just like my small framed tractors and figured it just could borrow any other attachments it needed from its older and younger siblings. Below is a list of the attachments I have dedicated to it.
  • 42 Mid-Mount Mower, Rear Discharge- E12M (AH42R)
  • Implement Mounting Bracket- E12M (AP55) NOS
  • Dozer Blade Adapter- E12M (KB48) NOS
  • Lift Bar Kit- E12M (KB48) NOS
  • Snow Thrower Adapter Kit- E12M (KD42) NOS
  • Sleeve Hitch - E12M (AP49) NOS
  • Chains- E12M 2 link (AP65) Replica
I was able to pick up a few of these parts "NOS" from the Electric Tractor Store including some reproduction decals for the restoration. Mostly I picked up the specialty components G.E. developed to allow you to attach a dozer blade and a snow thrower to the front of the machine. Since the E12M does not have a lift motor, all attachments must be lifted manually much the same as the small frame tractors. I picked up the 38 Mid-Mount Snow Thrower (AD38AA) from Harold Zimmerman who had used it to clear all the snow in his yard during the winter of 2009 so I'm pretty sure it is up to any task. This is the smaller model of snow thrower with the motor mounted in the middle it offers more stability and makes it easier to lift manually. This will be a big restoration job as it will mean replacing the rear battery box and frankly is pretty low on my list. Rest assured I am dedicated to keeping it from the scrape yard! I also picked up a new reproduction battery box and fenders from the Electric Tractor Store just for it. She may look rough now but hopefully in the next couple of years she will be shiny and new looking again.

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42" Mid-mount Mower Deck- E12M (AH42):

The E12M had a one of a kind, 42" mid-mount mower deck, six inches wider than those found on the small-framed tractors however like all "M" series tractors it was mounted in the middle of the tractor instead of on the front like the large-framed tractors. Like many E12M tractors that are found the deck that came with this tractor was in terrible shape but I was able to pick-up another one and Harold Zimmerman is rebuilding the mower motors and merging the best parts of each deck into one for me. I'll be picking it up sometime in the next few weeks and will post a picture of the finished product here.

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42" Mid-mount Mower Deck- E12M (AH42)

"NOS" Safety Chute Kit for (AH36) AND (AH42S):

I picked up a NOS "Safety Chute Kit for (AH36) AND (AH42S)" from the Electric Tractor Store on a visit there last year. Most decks are already equipped with these components but I have a couple older decks that could use these parts.

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Saftey Chute

"NOS" Saftey Chute Kit for the (AH36) and (AH42S)

"NOS" E12M Implement Bracket (AP55):

The E12M had a special Implement Bracket (AP55) for attaching either the 38 Mid-Mount Snow Thrower (AD38AA) or the 48" dozer blade (AP48). Note the straight cross bar verses the V shaped bar on the Implement Bracket (AP56) made for large frame tractors (See "Snow" section under the "Attachments" pull down menu). This one I was able to pick up from an ex-dealer in Pennsylvania who found it still buried back in his warehouse. A little rusty in spots after 40 years on a shelf but mostly pretty sweet!

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"NOS" Implement Mounting Bracket- E12M (AP55)

AP55 Box

"NOS" Implement Mounting Bracket (AP55) found in the original box

"NOS" Lift Bar Kit- E12M (KB48):

The E12M also had a special Lift Bar Kit (KB48) that was used in conjunction with the 48" dozer blade (AP48) in order to angle the blade. Although similar, it has a much deeper bend than the Lift Bar Kit (KB84) used on the large-framed tractors for the same purpose.

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"NOS" Lift Bar Kit- E12M (KB48)

KB48 Box

"NOS" Lift Bar Kit- E12M (KB48) found in this original box

"NOS" Snow Thrower Adapter Kit- E12M (KD42):

Since the E12M had no front electric lift it also never had a front lift strap holder. When it came to time to add a snow thrower to the front of the tractor, G.E. engineers had to make a special one up to hold the helper springs for the snow thrower. I picked up a "NOS" Snow Thrower Adapter Kit (KD42) from the Electric Tractor Store. Later I was able to pick up another "NOS" kit from an ex-dealer in Pennsylvania to have as a spare.

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"NOS" Snow Thrower Adapter Kit- E12M (KD42)

"NOS" Sleeve Hitch - E12M (AP49):

The E12M had a slightly modified sleeve hitch than the large-framed tractors and thus G.E. decided it must have needed it's own four digit accessory number. To tell you the truth I can't remember where I picked it up but my "NOS" Sleeve Hitch (AP49) but it differs from the Sleeve Hitch (AP50) for large-framed tractors only by the additional two holes drilled into the side of it to allow it to attach to the frame of the E12M. The E12M had to have the sleeve hitch mounted deeper into the back of the tractor as the bracket it attached to is mounted closer toward the back of the tractor to start with on the E12M. Not all Elec-Trak Sleeve Hitches were produced with these extra set of holes For more information, see the Sleeve Hitch (AP50) under the "Farming" section of the "Attachments" tab of the pull down menu. Seems like a simple thing to drill your own but G.E. did indeed give it a part number all it's own.

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"NOS" Sleeve Hitch- E12M (AP49)

Chains- 2 Link- E12M (AP65):

Finding original tire chains for Elec-Traks is impossible, at least, that had been my experience. I have been able to buy modern "replica" chains for all my tractors. They seem to do a good job and although I now live in Tennessee and no longer have as much snow to contend with as I used to, they still come in really handy on the farm giving us extra traction when we need it. I recently found an original set of Elec-Trak chains for my E10M tractor so there is hope I'll someday find original Elec-Trak chains for the rest of the fleet!

E10M Chains

Replica E12M Chains (AP65)