My Elec-Traks - Modifications

Those who like to tinker with machines have always been attracted to the Elec-Trak. The tractor has been customized and modified perhaps more than any other garden tractor ever produced. There have been some really clever transformations and add-ons built for these machines over the years and I have attempted to share as many as I could find here. If you have additional pictures or videos of other modifications or add-ons to an Elec-Trak, please feel free to me and I'll try to add them to this page!

The Trike

You can barely see the original Elec-Trak body built into this creation by Mark Frerking but it's there!. I was told it was wicked fast and one thought they for certain they were going to meet their maker riding on it- especially since Elec-Trak brakes have never been known for their reliability!


Mark Frerking's "Trike".

Trikes Batteries

Trike's battery pack.

Trike Front End

Close-up of the Trike's front end.

The Firetruck

Many of us saw this creation at the 40th Anniversary Gathering in Vermont in 2012


Elec-Trak Mini-Firetruck!


Lots of work went into this.


Amazing attention to detail.

Big Blue Super Mower

Not sure who made this, I've never been able to find out but I captured these pictures off the internet years ago. If anyone knows who created this, please drop me a line! Foldable mower extensions- great idea!

Blue ET

Flaps up!

Blue ET

Flaps down!

The Salt Bucket

This was a great idea! Fabricating an attachment that fit into the stabber slots and held a 5 gallon bucket, it was perfect for carrying rock salt along when plowing the icy driveway. Also great device for holding hand tools and garden supplies!

Salt Bucket

Great, simple attachment

Salt Bucket

Perfect design!

The Circus Train

This blew me away. A lot of work and a super job done on this children's circus train.

Circus Train

You would never know this was an Elec-Trak!

Circus Train

Pretty cool looking little train!

Circus Train

The little cars were well done as well.

Circus Train

Who knew there was an Elec-Trak I5 under there?

Circus Train

Never saw a timer on the front before!

Circus Train

Bet this old guy made a lot of kids happy over the years.

A Train on Rails!

This Elec-Trak powered train actually ran through a man's property in the Albany, New York area- that's all I know about it! Any more info on it?

Train on rails

Half hand car - Half ElecTrak!

Train on rails

He laid some serious down there!

The Madonna Mine Train

All I have is a postcard of this Elec-Trak pulled train. That Elec-Trak pulled at least three cars packed with people down into a mine and back up again. It looks like it's front wheels had been swapped out for hand car wheels as well!

Madonna Train

Front of Postcard.

Madonna Train

Back of Postcard.

A Remote Controlled Elec-Trak!

This Elec-Trak was romote controlled... imagine cutting the grass while laying down indoors in the comfort of your lazy-boy recliner!

Remote controlled

That's what I'm talking about!

Remote controlled

Quite the rig.

Remote controlled

Slightly different electronics than your standard Elec-Trak!

Delco Light Plant powered Elec-Trak!

This kind of defeats the purpose of going electric.... or does it?

Delco Light Plant

Delco Light Plant powered Elec-Trak.

Elec-Trak powered by a "Hit and Miss" engine!

I was up in Wisconsin visiting Dean Stuckmann and found this at his place. I would have never believe it if I had not seen it with my own eyes!

Hit and miss

Elec-Trak powered by a Hit and Miss Engine!

Hit and Miss

Great engineering job.

Hit and Miss

Rear view.

Hit and Miss

That belt looks small but it works!

Hit and Miss

Unique foot controls.

Great sound!

Yet another "Hit and Miss" conversion.

These Elec-Traks are an all purpose platform for creativity.

Remote controlled

It looks like it moves right along.

Remote controlled


Remote controlled

Very impressive.

Elec-Trak powering a saw mill?

Ok, it looks a little dangerous but I bet it works!

Delco Light Plant

Elec-Trak powering a mini-sawmill.

Elec-Trak powered: Hydraulic Log Splitter

Billy Martin picked this up a while ago from a gentleman he had met but I believe Billy has long since sold it. Too cool, wish I had bought it myself!

Blue ET

Notice the cable with a 36V connector for the tractor.

Blue ET

Pretty sure that's an Elec-Trak motor!

The Elec-Trak Hauler

Honestly, this might have really helped out in the apple orchard on my grandfathers farm!

Elec-Trak Hauler

Put (3) 12V batteries in the back and do a little!

Front-mounted, gas powered, finishing mower

Billy Martin hooked this up and absolutely swore by it. Hmmm... still kind of defeats the purpose of going electric Billy! :)

Gas finish mower attachment

Front-mounted, gas powered, commercial finishing mower.

Solar panel canopy

Steve Shore did great job restoring his E20 and then added a solar canopy for shade and charging.

Solar canopy

Steve Shore's E20 with dump cart and solar canopy.

More pictures coming soon!