My Elec-Traks - Misc. Attachments

General Electric had a number of miscellaneous attachments that although don't fit very well into any specific category they are still very cool. To a collector like myself they are a must have. I use my tractors and attachments every day and try not to baby them too much. The trick is restoring pieces faster than I wear them out again using them! The good news is most of these items are not used very often so I should be able to keep ahead of the curve on them.

"NOS" Seat Spring Kit (AP45):

You don’t see too many of these around, I happen to have two of them that were both "NOS" that I picked up from Harold Zimmerman . They were designed to lift the seat in the air and give the rider a little more cushion, especially nice to have on rough terrain or if you are in the saddle for a long time during the day.

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Seat Spring Kit

"NOS" Seat Spring Kit (AP45)

"NOS" Convenience Pin Hitch (AP53):

This was standard on large-framed Elec-Traks but was also offered as a replacement part by most dealers if you somehow managed to destroy it towing something. Although this is a heavy duty piece of steel, I have purchased at least two tractors that the prior owners did managed to bend it pretty well. I was able to pick up a "NOS" (AP53) from Harold Zimmerman. The picture below shows the Convenience Pin Hitch (AP53) on the bottom and the similar hitch for the E12M above it. I was able to pick up the "NOS" E12M version from the Electric Tractor Store.

Convenience Pin Hitch

The Elec-Trak Convenience Pin Hitch (AP53) shown on the bottom, the E12M version above it.

"NOS" Electric Horn Kit (AP69):

I picked up a "NOS" Electric Horn Kit (AP69) from the same collector who sold me the Auxiliary Light (AP72) below. Perfect condition as you can see. The I5 came standard with a horn installed under the hood but G.E. also offered a horn kit for those who wanted to install one on the "yellow" models. The Electric Horn Kit (AP69) is also highlighted on Page 10 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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Electric Horn Kit

"NOS" Electric Horn Kit (AP69)

"NOS" Rear Tail Light Kit (AP70):

The Rear Tail Light Kit (AP70) is a funny little accessory that was designed to fit on the rear seat deck directly behind your seat on large frame tractors. It is basically a 12V automobile light that is wired under the seat and hooked into the 12V lights and the switch on the front of the tractor. Again, Harold Zimmerman somehow came across a "NOS" kit and I was able to pick up it from him. I don’t know where he finds these things! I still have not decided which tractor to install it on. I'm thinking my E12 Golf Cart tractor since it's already pretty weird! The Rear Tail Light Kit (AP70) was highlighted on Page 10 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:

Rear Tail Light

This "NOS" Rear Tail Light Kit (AP70) came in the original box

"NOS" Auxiliary Light (AP72):

I had never seen one of these before in person, nor did I know of anyone who had one until the summer of 2012. A fellow collector with a fabulous collection of electric garden tractors had one, NOS at that, and was divesting in some of his items. He very generously let me have a shot at it and after a couple tries we finally got the price right. The only publication that mentioned this accessory was the large green G.E. Product Service Manual so I guess one could say this is a pretty rare piece. It was made to either attach to the tractor as a sort of spot light, or be hand held as a "trouble light" when working on the tractor. Pretty cool!

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Auxiliary Light

"NOS" Auxiliary Light (AP72)

"NOS" Radio Bracket (AP75):

The Radio Bracket (AP75) is at a minimum hysterical by today’s standard- and yet, somehow I have ended up with two of these! It is merely a finished piece of metal with a couple of bends in it that has two screws in it allowing you to fasten it to the dashboard of a large-framed tractor. One would set a transistor radio on it (G.E. Model P4920 or equivalent) and secure it with an elastic band included with it to keep it from falling off the tractor during operation. Over time I have been able to pick up two "NOS" radio brackets, one each from the Electric tractor Store and from Harold Zimmerman. This Elec-Trak attachment is truly for the man who has everything! The G.E. Radio Bracket (AP75) was also highlighted on Page 10 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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Radio Bracket

"NOS" Radio Bracket (AP75)

Radio Bracket Box

"NOS" Radio Bracket Box

The G.E. P4920 Radio

The Elec-Trak Radio Bracket was built for this G.E. P4920 Radio or "equivalent".

"NOS" Elec-Trak Tractor Cover (AP80) and "NOS" Mower Cover (AP81):

These items are made of heavy duty black vinyl over nylon, the mower cover is quite plain but the tractor cover has the familiar “Elec-Trak” logo on the front. I was able to get one of each from Jim Coate at the Electric Tractor Store, both were "NOS", the mower cover was still in a sealed box and looked brand new when opened. The tractor cover box was already open and it had been exposed to the elements of some sort so it needed some cleaning but it cleaned up nice and now looks great. Just wish I had a few more of them- one for each of my tractors would be nice! A picture of both the tractor and mower covers was displayed on Page 2 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Tractor Cover

"NOS" Tractor Cover (AP80)

Mower Cover

"NOS" Mower Cover (AP81)

Mower Cover Box

Original box the tractor cover came in

Mower Cover Box

Original box the mower cover came in

"NOS" Power Pack Booster (AP84):

The Power Pack Booster (AP84) was designed to extend the range of the large framed tractors. The unit carried (3) 12V batteries and was wired in parallel into the Elec-Trak 36V wiring harness to allow for additional battery power along with the tractor's current (6) 6V batteries. The unit could be mounted either on the front or rear of the tractor and added a considerable amount of addition weight for traction also eliminating the need for a weight box. If mounted strictly in the rear of the tractor, a Rear PTO Kit (KP36) was required, if you wanted the flexibility to mount it either in the front or rear then it required you add a Front/Rear Recepticle Kit (KP37).

A new charger timer decal was included with the unit to apply over your current charger timer decal with two scales on it, one for each pack. By leaving your master disconnect switch OFF when charging, the Power Pack Booster would charge. By switching it ON while charging, your standard power pack would charge. I picked my Power Pack Booster up from an ex-dealer and although it was "NOS" the bottom had been used for a weight box a couple of times and showed some wear. It included the wiring, timer decal, the paper templates needed to install it with, and the plastic battery tray and plastic battery cover. With a little wiring up, three new 12 volt deep cycle batteries, a new battery bag, and a little paint I should be up and going with this soon. I previously was able to pick up a "NOS" Rear PTO Kit (KP36) and a "NOS" Front and Rear Receptacle Kit (KP37) so I'll be able to use it on a couple different tractors, although I'm not looking forward to lifting it back and forth!

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Aux Power

"NOS" Power Pack Booster (AP84)

"NOS" Hitch Adapter (CH10):

I picked up a "NOS" Hitch Adapter (CH10) from Harold Zimmerman which is basically a way to add a standard trailer ball hitch to the back of your large frame tractor. It’s great for moving your boat around or small trailer from spot to spot without going through all the trouble of wrestling with a full sized truck or automobile. The attachment has stabber bars on it and fits into the stabber slots on either the front or rear of the tractor. If one is planning to pull a trailer of any weight I would highly recommend drilling some holes in the side of your tractor and securing the hitch to make sure it doesn’t pull out of the stabber slots when giving your load a big tug! I also have one of these on my I5 with the Fork Lift Attachment (CF92) that is used to secure the Overhead Guard (CF66) to the frame. The Hitch Adapter was highlighted on Page 3 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Hitch Adapter

"NOS" Hitch Adapter (CH10)

Elec-Trak Travel Trailer (CT58):

The Elec-Trak Travel Trailer (CT58) was introduced in late 1973 and was designed to allow the owner to pull their tractor behind their car. There is very little known about it. From what I have been able to deduce, the trailer was made by the Snowco Corporation in Nebraska who also made trailers during that time for John Deere, Case, Allis Chalmers and Wheel Horse. These trailers are very sought after today by collectors of all of these brands. An ex-dealer I know who sold both Elec-Traks and John Deere told me he remembered he had trailers for both on his lot and they were both from Snowco but that's all he remembered with any accuracy. Tracking down which Snowco trailer is the next problem. There was only one picture of the trailer that I've been able to find in a newspaper insert G.E. produced for dealers to include in their local newspapers. It's not very helpful; however the unmistakable Snowco decals on the fenders are clearly visable. Since Snowco was the premier manufacture of trailers for the gas model tractors at the time it makes sense G.E. tapped them to supply trailers to the Elec-Trak line as well and to my knowledge, they were the only manufacture of small trailers at the time with those distinctively shaped fenders sporting decals on the back. Click here to see other examples of Snowco trailers of the same era.

The only other clues available is from the description in price sheets which states the trailer is 5 x 8 with a capacity of 950lbs. The suggested retail price was also $229.95 in the January 1st, 1974 Dealer price list with a shipping weight of 265 lbs. This is interesting since a standard E20 is 1000 pounds before adding a mower deck. If one was planning on driving it up on a trailer you would surpass the 950 pound capacity before you sat on your tractor! Also, trailers are rated by axle weight so my assumption is the 950 pounds capacity was AFTER the actual weight of the trailer had been figured in and the weight of a mower deck meaning if the trailer had approximately 265 pounds of steel it was made out of sitting on the axles and figuring a 146 pound deck, the real rated capacity of the trailer one should start looking for was looking for was around 1,400 pounds, else it could only hold about 540 pounds! Now figuring an I5 (pictured in the newspaper insert sittng on the trailer) weighs 1050 pounds, add a mower deck at 146 pounds and the 265 pound weight of the trailer, the actual rated capacity of the trailer was more likely approximately 1,500 pounds allowing some room for error and safety.

I have an old dealership catalog from the Lindsay Brothers that is dated February 1973. They sold both Elec-Traks and Snowco trailers. The closest Snowco trailer listed with the distinctive fenders is the 54 Series, model 1554 which states it's capacity is 1500 ponds and it's deck is 54" wide (61" total distance between the fenders). However the trailer's actual length is stated at 130" and it weighs 430 pounds, not 265 pounds. If the added length was also left out of the G.E. specs as that was counted as "ramp" room since it was a tilt bed, drive on trailer, it might still follow and would be similar to the John Deere and Allis Chalmer trailers of the day. but the 430 pounds does not track at all.

All the same I picked up a Snowco Series 54 trailer off Craigslist with thoughts of restoring it. If it turns out the (CT58) was a different Snowco model or not a Snowco at all it will be easy to move as lots of non-Elec-Trak collectors look for them and in the meantime it will be nice to use to take a tractor to a local show. If you have other information concerning the (CT58) I would love to from you.

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Travel Trailer

A picture off Craig's List of my Elec-Trak Travel Trailer (CT58)
(at least I think it could be!)

"NOS" Rear PTO Kit (KP36):

I was able to pick-up a "NOS" Rear PTO Kit (KP36) from Kansas Wind Power to put on my E12M so I could hook up my E-Z Vac Lawn Vacuum (40E). Not long ago I acquired a Power Pack Booster (AP84) and now have other reasons to use this attachment. Harold Zimmerman had a couple more of these "NOS" so I purchased those to put on a couple of my other tractors. It's still hard for me to imagine how spare parts for these tractors are still out there somewhere for those willing to do a little digging. The E-Z Vac Lawn Vacuum (40E) was designed specifically to use this accessory as was the Power Pack Booster (AP84).

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Rear PTO Kit

"NOS" Rear PTO Kit (KP36)

"NOS" Front and Rear Receptacle Kit (KP37):

My I5 tractor came equipped with the Front and Rear Receptacle Kit (KP37) to allow the fork lift to be attached to either the front or rear of the tractor. You could buy this kit separately but most often it was used strictly with the fork lift attachment and found on the I5's. The rear receptacle was mounted under the rear fender and the front receptacle just under the hood. I was able to get "NOS" kits from both Jim Coate at the Electric Tractor Store and from Harold Zimmerman of Clean Power Supply. I needed one of them when these components on my I5 literally crumbled in my hand from age while I was working on it. I'll use the other one on my E20 so I can use the Power Pack Booster (AP84) on the front of that tractor when tilling our garden plots and on the back when using the front-end loader.

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Front Recepticle

"NOS" Front & Rear Recepticle Kit (KP37)

Additional items that I am interested in are…

If you have any of these items and wish to see them go to a good home where they will be well appreciated, please ! Even if you are not ready to part with them just yet I would welcome any pictures you can send me of these items that I might add them to this site to share with others.