My Elec-Traks - ER8-36 "Goldenrod"


My "NOS" ER8-36 Tractor or is it a Go-Kart?

This is a barn story if you have ever heard one. I was going through some old threads on the internet looking for an Elec-Trak York Electric Rake attachment that was featured on Page 3 of the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. I surprisingly found a very old entry that a fellow had one, or at least back in 1998 he had one. I tracked him down via the Elec-Trak Owners Club web site, contacted him and sure enough he still had it and was open to an offer! Offer accepted, a few weeks later I traveled to Pennsylvania and met him at his barn to load up. As we were walking toward the barn he informed me he was an ex-dealer of Elec-Traks.

Not only was the York Electric Rake inside but there was a "NOS" E1 base complete with wheels, a "NOS" Fork Lift with Overhead Guard that had never been mounted on a tractor, and way in the back were two "NOS" ER8-36ís- both still strapped to the original pallets, one of which was still covered with the original cardboard box- it had never even been opened! Some months later I found out he also had a "NOS" E8HM and a "NOS" E14. Both had been opened but the plastic was still on the seat of the E8HM and the E14 had never even had batteries in it. Batteries had only been in the E8HM in the showroom and were removed years ago. Also present was a "NOS" Elec-Trak Maintenance Cart Kit (CF20) never opened. Amazing! On top of it all he is just a super person and was kind enough to ultimately sell me all of these items including the "NOS" ER8-36 that was still in the cardboard box.

Once home I picked up three 12V RV/Marine batteries from the local auto parts stores and it wasn't long before it was up and running. Some of the wiring connections had become brittle and had to be replaced and the deck was a real bear to put on but overall in just a few hours it was running and lookin' good. It actually took longer to shine it up than it did to get it assembled and running! The ER8-36 has no attachments outside of the deck that came standard with the tractor. Although it had a hitch it was recommended that you do not tow very much with it. There is no PTO or accessories outlet available on it either. Basically it was a simple riding mower however it did sport the same engine as the E8M making it an excellent machine for any large city lot (the turning radius on it is great!), not to mention it could double as a pretty neat little Go Kart!

Associated Publications:

Another Elec-Trak fan demonstrates his ER8-36 rider.

ER8-36 still in the crate

The box my "NOS" ER8-36 came in.

ER8-36 on Pallet

Cardboard removed, still strapped to the pallet.

ER8-36 on Pallet with mower deck

The deck was stored safely beneath.

ER8-36 on Pallet with mower deck

A little dusty and it appears some mice spent a winter here!

ER8-36 Hitch

The rear hitch still had cardboard taped on protecting it

ER8-36 dusty and filled with mice!

Not too many parts to assemble!

ER8-36 initial mold on seat

Seat had a little mold on it but it cleaned up nice.

Bottom of ER8-36 mower deck

That is one, clean deck - including "NOS" Mower Blades (AP27).