My Elec-Traks - I5 Tractor "Daylily"


The Elec-Trak I5 - an "Industrial" version of the E20

The I5 was introduced in 1972 as an "industrial" version of the top of the line Elec-Traks. Essentially an E20, the most obvious differences were that it was painted orange, had fenders and sported shop style, 4 ply tires verses the standard 2 ply turf tires. The I5 also came with special motor terminal protection and a metal wiring harness protective plate on the underside of the tractor. It had front and rear PTO plugs so one could attach the fork-lift attachment to either the front or rear of the tractor. It also sported a factory installed 12V horn and a heavy-duty rear spring hitch pin as standard equipment. Optionally, you could get a special heavy-duty front bumper as well. The I5 also had more reinforcements in the frame rails and gusseted front spindles. Its data plate is mounted on top of the control cabinet and displays the Factory Mutual approval for use in an industrial setting.

I was able to pick up an optional industrial front bumper along the way which was made to push open swinging doors or heavy curtains in shop environments. The bumper requires a special front implement mounting bracket (AP56) that has holes drilled on the side with which to mount it on. I have dedicated my I5 to my fork-lift attachments. Once on, it is a bit of a hassle to be taking them on and off all the time as you can imagine.

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"NOS" Heavy-duty Rear Spring Hitch Pin (CH11):

The Heavy-duty Rear Spring Hitch Pin came as standard equipment on the I5 model although you could purchase it separately for use on other models. The "easy-grip" spring loaded handle pin can be grasped easily from the operator's seat to release attached equipment instead of getting on and off the tractor all the time. I picked up a "NOS" one for my I5 from Harold Zimmerman of Clean Power Supply.

Associated Publications:
Heavy-duty Rear Spring Hitch Pin

"NOS" Heavy-duty Rear Spring Hitch Pin (CH11)

"NOS" I5 Heavy-Duty Front Bumper:

The Heavy-duty Front Bumper was an optional accessory on the I5 model. It was designed primarily for pushing through swinging flexible type doors. It attached to the tractor via a special version of the Implement Bracket (AP56) that had holes drilled in the side allowing the bumper to be bolted to it. I was also able to pick-up a "NOS" one of these from Harold Zimmerman as well.

Associated Publications:
Heavy-duty Front Bumper

"NOS" Heavy-duty Front Bumper