My Elec-Traks - E16 Tractor "Mustard"


The Elec-Trak E16 - One of the best!

It's not much to look at right now but my E16 is the last model of the orignal Elec-Traks I needed to complete my collection. One of the goals I had in launching this web site was to hopefully find someone who was willing to part with one to complete my collection. A fellow up in Michigan contacted me, sent me some photos and it was done! It's not currently running, it needs some steering work, a new charger, master disconnect, and with a little new paint I'm hoping to have it back on it's feet and looking fine! Harold Zimmerman happened to have a "NOS" set of plastic side panels for an E16 and a used seat in really good condition I bought so it should look pretty spiffy when it's all done. I'm sure I will find a few more things wrong with it as I begin to work on it but I'm hoping they will be minor items. Lots more pictures to come as work begins on it!

The E16 along with its younger sibling the E14 were the last models of the Elec-Traks introduced by G.E. late in the Elec-Traks life cycle. Because of this there are a lot fewer of them out there. The good news is they are also considered to be one of the best tractors G.E. produced. They went back to the old style relays and eliminated the primitive newly invented integrated circuit boards in favor of the more reliable technology of the day. The E16 had a lot of power with lot less maintenance issues. It weighed 855 pounds and like the E20 had 7 forward speeds and 3 reverse in 4 different gears each.

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Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 Link- E16 (AP68):

As mentioned in other descriptions, I thought finding original Elec-Trak Tire Chains was impossible, at least, that had been my experience. Now I'll try to have a little more faith all the original Elec-Trak chains are still out there somewhere! Proof again treasures are still out there waiting to be uncovered, a fellow emailed me out of the blue to say he had some (AP68) Elec-Trak Tire Chains in their original bag. Not "NOS" by a long shot but original Elec-Trak chains all the same. With a little dealing I was able to check another item off the Wish List! The (AP68) Tire Chains were introduced with the E16 and were designed to be used with either the E16 or the E20 tractors. Surprisingly, the (AP67) chains are also listed as fitting E20 tractors but not the E16. It's pretty easy to get a headache some days trying to understand our friends down at General Electric!

E16 Chain Bag

(AP68) E16 Tire Chain's Bag

E16 Chain Bag Close Up

E16 Tire Chain's bag up close- the "AP68" clearly visible.

E16 Chains

(AP68) E16 Tire Chains- just a little rusty!