My Elec-Traks - E12 Tractor "Marigold"


E12 - Dedicated to my golfing attachments.

I got my first E12 in upstate New York. It was in fair shape but did need some restoration especially cosmetically as it was pretty rough looking. Not too long ago I saw an E12 for sale literally just 5 minutes from where I was living I had no idea even existed! This one was in great shape, had two year old batteries and outside of some primer the original owner had put on the foot rest it looked like it was not long from the show room. I decided to purchase it and hang on to this one, reselling the one I had picked up in New York. The new one also came with a NOS Double Seat that had never been installed on the tractor- sweet! I also got some publications I didn't have in the deal, a great looking & running and mower deck and another spare deck for parts. It being a one-owner machine it came with one more surprise- the original invoice from the dealer he bought it from!

Hopefully you will see a different item in my collection fully restored every few weeks over time. Hang in there with me; I hope to get to all of them eventually. If I didn't have to go to work every day things would go a lot faster! I did get a "NOS" 1973 Appearance Kit (A12) for my E12 as it was an early model and so you will notice a newer look to it someday as well.

The E12 was one of the workhorses of the Elec-Trak family. You see a lot of them out there and it is considered to be the first of the “large-framed” tractors G.E. made. It was a common model many folks bought if they did not have really heavy workloads that required the power of an E15 or E20. My E12 is dedicated to all my golfing attachments although I still need to install the canopy top on it. Expect more and better pictures soon. Needless to say it doesn't have to work near as hard as some of my other tractors (especially since I don't even golf)! It will however get a work out whenever my new granddaughter visits as the double seat is perfect for giving rides on.

Associated Publications:


The original dealer invoice for my E12!

"NOS" 1973 Appearance Kit (A12):

The 1973 Appearance Kits that were introduced in 1972 were a cosmetic upgrade for the early E12, E15, and E20 tractors. The "NOS" (A12) Kit I was able to get consisted of a plastic dash board panel verses the original decal, left and right plastic hood strips verses the original decals, left and right plastic insignia strips for the bottom of the side panels where not even decals existed before, a plastic shift graphics plate showing the shift pattern, and few needed screws and a plug for the dash panel. There were two versions of the kits made for each of the three models of tractors. The "B" series kits also included a new larger steering wheel and cap. They were a little harder to install but you did end up with the more modern larger steering wheel when you were done. The E20 kits also included a cruise control plate assembly. They came in an "A" series kit and a "D" series kit (see packing list below) and although neither included a new steering wheel, the "D" series kit included a replacement hood with the plastic side strips already installed. The kits were designed to modernize the earlier models to look more like the later models.

Associated Publications:

E12 Appearence Kit

"NOS" 1973 Appearance Kit (A12)