My Elec-Traks - Shop Floor Attachments

There were a number of attachments sold by G.E. for use on the shop floor particularly in concert with the "I5" industrial version of the Elec-Trak. The attachments in this category are among the most unique attachments made for the Elec-Trak, in fact they were probably the most unique attachments ever made for any garden tractor!

"NOS" 92" Elec-Trak Fork Lift (CF92), "NOS" Counter Weights (CF65) and "NOS" Overhead Guard (CF66):

There were three models of the G.E. Fork Lift attachment, (CF92) capable of lifting a load 92" in the air, the (CF74) capable of lifting a load 74" in the air, and the (CF48) capable of lifting a load 48" in the air. I've been lucky enough to find one of each of them. The Counter Weights (CF65) were mounted on the back allowing for 200 lbs. of additional balance and the Overhead Guard (CF66) topped off the package. All of the fork lift attachments will lift a maximum load of 750 lbs. on an 18" load center.

OK, get ready for a really weird story... I got my original (CF92) fork lift from an original owner who had used it very little over the years he had it. Personally I was using it in my barn to move heavy Elec-Trak attachments around on as well as get large items up into the loft. It came in really handy lifting our solar panels up to the edge of the roof during the initial installation. It seems like overnight I suddenly found two different "NOS" Fork Lifts (CF92) from ex-dealers within weeks of each other. Around the same time, I had the opportunity to trade one of them for a (CF48) fork lift to add to my collection. The "NOS" (CF92) fork I kept had been stored in a barn for years and was a bit rusty but a fresh coat of paint it should spruce right up.

I never in a million years ever thought I would even own even one fork lift let alone be playing musical chairs with them!

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92 inch Fork Lift

"NOS" Fork Lift (CF92)

Fork Lift

"NOS" Overhead Guard (CF66)

Fork Lift

"NOS" Counter Weights (CF65)

Fork Lift Hydralics

The fork lift's hydraulic system is powered by an electric motor.

74" Elec-Trak Fork Lift (CF74):

I never really thought I would ever see a (CF74) Elec-Trak Fork Lift. There are plenty of (CF92) Fork Lifts out there but I had only seen two (CF48)'s and had never seen a (CF74) until one popped up in Kentucky in early 2012. Lifting a payload just 22" lower than the top of the line (CF92) I'm sure the decision to stay with a (CF74) and not buy the (CF92) had to do with both the needs of the owner and the $460.00 difference between the two.

The (CF74) had a fixed mast like the (CF48). Only the (CF92) had a telescoping mast. Both the masts on the (CF48) and (CF92) are 68" when at rest but the (CF74) is actually a whopping 92" at rest, two feet taller than either of it's siblings. It's a neat little unit and I'm sure it had it's niche in the market somewhere!

74 inch Fork Lift

(CF74) 74" Fork Lift

74 inch Fork Lift Serial Number

The (CF74) Model Number & Serial Number Plate

48" Elec-Trak Fork Lift (CF48):

I never really thought I would ever find any of the other size forklifts out there and really I'm still not entirely sure why I need more than one fork lift but I'm afraid I guess I just have a really bad case of "Elec-Trak" fever! Many of you other collectors know what that can be like- it's really fantastic!

So, I was googling around on the Internet one night and to my surprise I came across a fellow who had one. I had corresponded with this fellow before on another attachment so I sent him an email asking would he consider parting with it. He informed me the only way he would part with it is if he could get another one that was larger. Around that same time I had heard of a "NOS" one coming available and decided the deal was good enough I could pick it up and trade it even for the little (CF48). It is really just a collector’s item to me but still it's a real conversation piece and there are not a lot of them around I'm sure of that. It needs a fresh coat of paint but I'll get to that soon.

48 inch Fork Lift

(CF48) 48" Fork Lift

48 inch Fork Lift Tag

The (CF48) Serial Number- such as it is!

"NOS" Elec-Trak Maintenance Cart (CF20):

The Elec-Trak Maintenance Cart was not a cart at all but actually was a conversion kit that added compartments and other components to a standard Elec-Trak Dump Cart (AF12). It provided a galvanized steel "workbench" or cover for the dump cart, a lockable bin in the rear of the cart via a fold-out tail gate, and two other compartments in the front to keep tools from rolling around.

You could also add an optional "two man seat" which was actually just the Elec-Trak Double Seat (BD22) to allow two passengers to ride on the back of the cart over the lockable bin. I have a spare double seat so I'll be installing it on the cart but want to do it in such a way it can easily be taken on and off as needed without a lot of hassle. The cart was featured in the Plant Maintenance brochure.

I was able to pick up a "NOS" kit, never opened from an ex-dealer. It is really amazing how much of this stuff is still out there sitting on shelves that have been all but forgotten. It's always such an exciting moment when you come across amazing finds like this! The box itself was in pretty bad shape, the hardware package had fallen out of it over the years and mice had invaded it at least once. They were hungry enough to snack on the parts list and assembly instructions but enough remained to show me how the panels fit together and to know I was merely missing a couple lengths of chain and a set of (30) 1/4-20 X 3/4" bolts, nuts and lock washers.

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Maintenance Cart

"NOS" Elec-Trak Maintenance Cart Kit (CF20) ready for installation

Maintenance Cart Kit Box

Elec-Trak Maintenance Cart Kit (CF20) found in it's original box.

Maintenance Cart Kit Box Label

Maintenance Cart Kit (CF20) Label

Rotary Broom (C48GE):

There seems to be a few C48GE “Sweepsters” out there from the Jenkins Equipment Corporation in Dexter, Michigan (The company was bought some time ago by Paladin Industries) but not a whole lot. I was lucky enough to find a fellow who has one who was willing to do a little trading with me for Elec-Trak items he did not already have. He was a great guy and has a great collection himself. Through it all we will both end up growing our individual collections, a real win-win.

There are photos of a few on the Elec-Trak Owners Club site that are real beauties. Basically this attachment was a stock 48" Sweepster Model C48 of its day with the same electric motor used on an Elec-Trak snow thrower, a circuit breaker, cabling, and a mounting plate to hold the electric motor and attach the unit to the tractor. These components made up of the Motor Drive Kit (KM10) and the Sweepster Electrification Kit.

The C48GE as you may have already guessed is 48" wide. General Electric's Rotary Broom was featured on Page 8 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. Mine needs replacement broom but after an inquiry to Paladin to see if they had any, it seems they actually have them still in stock and for a pretty reasonable price. Amazing!

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The C48GE "Sweepster" Rotary Broom

Elec-Trak Hard Surface Vacuum (CV70):

The Elec-Trak Hard Surface Vacuum (CV70) is one of the rarest attachments for these tractors. Actually, the one I have is the only one I have ever seen. A fellow collector brought it back from New Hampshire to Ohio several years ago and had not been able to get around to restoring it yet. He was gracious enough to sell it to me and I am determined to get it back in as close to original condition as I can. The original unit had a dump cart attach (different than the standard Elec-Trak dump cart) but I'm afraid it is long gone as he never had it either. The unit was originally made for G.E. by Ecology Products in Tariffville, CT which has gone out of business several years ago now. It was painted orange to match the I5 Industrial Tractor. The Elec-Trak Hard Surface Vacuum was featured on Page 8 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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G.E. Elec-Trak Hard Surface Vacuum (CV70)

"NOS" G.E. Welder (AP90) & "NOS" Welder Accessory Kit (AP92):

The Elec-Trak Arc Welder is not an uncommon attachment but there are not a super lot of them out there either. The fact a garden tractor had a welder as an attachment is pretty rare in itself! A neat addition to my collection was an original "NOS" G.E. Welder Accessory Kit (AP92) I got from the Electric Tractor Store in the original box that had the helmet and gloves with it, never used. It was missing the welding rods but still it’s surely one of a kind in the original box! Although the literature says you can weld from 1/8" to 1/2" steel with this welder I do believe you would be hard pressed to weld 1/2" steel with it. The highest heat range draws 180 amps off your batteries therefore you want to be sure you have a good set of 225 amp Trojans in your tractor and even then it's not like you are going to be welding all day. Don't get me wrong, it's a great little unit and because of it's portability it's great for doing jobs around the farm especially when you find yourself out in a field far from the nearest extension cord. Both the Elec-Trak Welder and the Welder Accessory Kit were featured on Page 9 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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"NOS" G.E. Elec-Trak Welder

Welder Close Up

It had a pretty simple way to increase the heat!

Welding Kit

"NOS" G.E. Welder Accessory Kit (AP92) - Not too many of these out there!

Electronic Inverter (AP60):

This was the earlier model of the two inverters General Electric offered on the Elec-Trak. The good news was it was all electronic; the bad news was it unfortunately was really prone to self-destruction. You rarely find one out there that has not already fried itself. Somehow I ended up with two of these, one is pretty fried but the other one does happen to be a working one. I treat it more as a real museum piece than a tool and have never put more than a 25 watt light bulb load on it for just a few minutes. This is actually the inverter displayed on Page 9 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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Electronic Inverter

Electronic Inverter (AP60) offered for the Elec-Traks

G.E. Rotary Inverter (CE12):

The later model inverter General Electric offered was actually made by the Redi-line Corporation and had highly reliable rotary technology that creates a pure sine wave. Basically it housed a DC motor that rotated creating 120V AC current. Similar models are still sold today. Check out their web site, the basic design has not changed much in 40 years. The (CE12) had a 1000 watt capacity. A picture of this inverter can be found in the Elec-Trak Plant Maintenance brochure.

Rotary Inverter

G.E. replaced the original Electronic Inverter (AP60) offering with thIs Rotary Inverter (CE12).

Rotary Inverter Cap

The "Elec • Pak" logo on the (CE12) shows it was made for G.E. Elec-Trak Tractors

Additional items that I am interested in are…

  • Heavy Duty Front Lift (AP95)
  • Counter Weights (CF65)
  • Overhead Guard (CF66)
  • Drum Handler (CF67)
  • Light Duty Pallet Handler(CP20)
  • Vacuum (CV60) [Ecology/Sensational Products]
  • 30' Extension Cord (CT30)
If you have any of these items and wish to see them go to a good home where they will be well appreciated, please ! Even if you are not ready to part with them just yet I would welcome any pictures you can send me of these items that I might add them to this site to share with others.