My Elec-Traks - E12s Tractor "Chrysanthemum"


The Elec-Trak E12s- Best of both worlds!

The E12s is a strange model as it is identical to the E12 in every way except it sports an E15 engine- weird. I guess it was an attempt to provide more power at cheaper cost. Only a guess on my part. The E12s had other improvements over the E12 but that was the main one. My E12s came from Illinois and was a very clean machine, well taken care of and runs great. It was sporting a new paint job when I got it and even the mower deck and snow blower that came with it were in incredible shape. Some day I'll repaint the whole rig to the Elec-Trak shade of yellow but for now it looks and runs great!

The E12s did however suffer from a major design flaw, a reverse relay issue that caused G.E., their dealers and their customers a good deal of pain. Even today my E12s seems to be prone to blowing its control fuse for no apparent reason (to me anyway). Like its big brother the E15, G.E. experimented with some of the first circuit boards which at the time were pretty primitive. The timing controls in the design are such that not everything works the way it's supposed to every time and "poof". All the same there are some who love the E12s and swear it was the best Elec-Trak G.E. ever made.

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