My Elec-Traks - E8HM Tractor "Tansy"


"NOS" E8HM - all dressed up and ready for work.

From the same ex-dealer in Pennsylvania who I bought my "NOS" ER8-36 from, I was able to pick-up a "NOS" E8HM from as well! Although this one was not still strapped to the pallet or had the cardboard still on it, it had never had been used. The plastic was still on the seat and the showroom stickers were on it when I went to pick it up. It's hard to believe units like this still exist out there. The E8HM is primarily an E8M however it was modified at the factory to use (6) twelve volt batteries instead of the (3) twelve volt batteries that were standard on the E8M. This required additional battery cables of course but also additional battery pans and bags and some re-wiring needed to be done to accommodate a different timer for the charger now that it had more batteries. Externally the only apparent difference was a "HEAVY DUTY" decal that was added on the front of each side of the tractor. The end result of this modification was a dramatically longer run-time as you had a lot more lead to take advantage of in the batteries.

If it's not already apparent, I have somewhat of an obsessive personality. I’ve decided to “trick out” my E8HM and make it a “fully loaded” edition. In other words, build one up with every attachment G.E. specifically made for the little guy. With the help of a lot of different people along the way I was able to track down all of the following accessories and attachments to add to the original "NOS" E8HM. My E8HM is a "works in progress" and it will take a while before all these fun accessories are in place. Should be a neat little machine when I'm all done with it!
  • 36" Mid-Mount Mower- E8HM (AH36) NOS
  • Mower Blades- E8HM (AP26) NOS
  • 38” Mid-Mount Snow Thrower- E8HM (AD38AA)
  • 42" Snow/Dozer Blade- E8HM (AB42)
  • Implement Mounting Bracket- E8HM (AP54) NOS
  • Weight/Tool Box- E8HM (AP86) NOS
  • Speed Reduction Kit- E8HM (KD38) NOS
  • Headlight Kit- E8HM (AP71) NOS
  • Small Accessory Outlet Kit- E8HM (AP41) NOS
  • Snow Cab for the E8M & E10M (AG54)
  • Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 Link- E8HM (AP63) NOS
The only attachments G.E. made for the E8HM that I have been unable to find so far are...
  • Rear PTO Kit- E8HM (KP38)
  • Fuel Gauge Kit- E8HM (KF08)
If you have any of these you are ready to part with, please feel free to me! General Electric offered a snow thrower for the E8HM but not the E8M as there was no additional battery weight in it's rear end to counter the weight of the thrower. All three batteries were stored in the front of the tractor on the E8M. You will also notice I have had to purchase modern tire chains locally for most of the tractors in my collection. Only recently have I been able to find original G.E. tire chains for my E8HM and E10M so the hunt continues for the rest of the collection.


My "NOS" E8HM as it stood in the barn the day I picked it up.

"NOS" 36" Mid-Mount Mower- E8HM (AH36):

The 36" Mid-Mount Mower (AH36) is the standard deck for the small-framed tractors. This one was "NOS" and had come with the "NOS" tractor.

Associated Publications:
36 inch Mid-mount Mower Deck

"NOS" 36" Mid-Mount Mower- E8HM (AH36)

"NOS" Mower Blades- E8HM (AP26):

Not much to say on these except that on a mower deck, mower blades (AP26) are pretty important! I picked up three sets of these "NOS" ones from an ex-dealer in Pennsylvania however since the mower deck that came with this "NOS" is stands to reason it had "NOS" Mower Blades on it to start with. Although the mower blade publications below claim these should be black in color all three sets of blades were green in color but are clearly labeled as (AP26)!

Associated Publications:
Small-framed High Discharge Mower Blades (AP26)

"NOS" Small-Framed High Discharge Mower Blades (AP26)

38” Mid-Mount Snow Thrower (AD38AA):

The 38" Mid-mount Snow Thrower (AD38AA) was a smaller version of the 42" Snow Throwers made for the large-framed Elec-Traks. It was designed for use on the E8HM, E10M and E12M tractors. One of the primary differences one will notice right off is the motor is mounted in the middle of the snow thrower, not off to the side like it’s older cousins making it more balanced for the smaller end tractors which did not have electric lifts on the front to handle them. Lifting these 250 pound machines by hand with the implement handle is not really as bad as it sounds. During the winter of 1973, G.E. ran out of the larger version of their snow throwers and they did a quick re-designed of the (AD38AA) so it could be used with the large framed tractors. The snow thrower I have for the E8HM was actually being used with an E12S in Illinois when I found it. No doubt a left over from the shortage of 73'!

Associated Publications:
E10M Snow Thrower

38” Mid-Mount Snow Thrower (AD38AA), in need of paint but fully operational.

More E10M Snow Thrower

* Note the motor is mounted in the middle of the snow thrower.

42" Snow/Dozer Blade - E8HM (AB42):

General Electric offered a 42" Snow/Dozer Blade to the owners of their small-framed tractors. 6" shorter than its larger cousin for the large-framed tractors it was identical to it in every way except for its length. I have found these to be really rare, if fact, the ones I have are the only ones I have ever heard of. One of mine came with the E14 tractor I bought which is kind of strange as you would have thought that tractor would have came with the 48" blade!

42 inch Snow/Dozer Blade (AB42)

42" Snow/Dozer Blade (AB42)

The 48 inch blade verses the 42 inch blade

The 48" blade on a E12S verses the 42" blade

"NOS" Implement Mounting Bracket-E8HM (AP54):

The Implement Mounting Bracket (AP54) allowed either the 42" snow/dozer blade or the 38" snow thrower to attach to the small-framed tractors. The Electric Tractor Store had a "NOS" one in stock for my "tricked out" E8HM.

Associated Publications:
Implement Mounting Bracket (AP54)

"NOS" Implement Mounting Bracket-E8HM (AP54)

Implement Mounting Bracket (AP54)

"NOS" Implement Mounting Bracket (AP54) Original Box

"NOS" Weight/Tool Box- E8HM (AP86):

General Electric had made weight boxes for the large frame tractors but without the stabber ports in the back of the E8M, E8HM, and E10M the same design obviously would not work for the small-framed tractors. Luckily, they were able to simply modify the stabbers slightly so they could be bolted to the frame of smaller tractors. The weight boxes for the small frame tractors are rare but I was able to pick up four of them, two of them "NOS".

Associated Publications:
  • GEH-3972 (AP86) WEIGHT BOX
  • OPK-74-3 (AP85) / (AP86) WEIGHT BOX

E8HM Weight Box

A rare "NOS" E8HM Weight Box (AP86)

"NOS" Speed Reduction Kit- E8HM (KD38):

On the small-framed tractors it is necessary to install a "Speed Reduction Kit" if you are going to be either using the 42" Snow/Dozer Blade or in the case of the E10M, a snow thrower. The kit reduces the speed of the tractor by about 30% allowing you to go as slow as 1 mph when performing these tasks. As usual, the Electric Tractor Store came through again and had a couple "NOS" kits in stock for my collection.

Associated Publications:
Speed Reduction Kit

"NOS" Speed Reduction Kit- E8HM (KD38)

"NOS" Headlight Kit- E8HM (AP71):

General Electric did not offer headlights as standard equipment on the small-framed tractors. They did however offer an add-on kit which allowed you to add headlights on if you wish. I was able to pick up a couple of these for my small-framed tractors "NOS" from the Electric Tractor Store. Being a "gentleman" farmer, lights on all the tractors come in really handy as I'm usually out playing after work until the sun goes down.

Associated Publications:
Headlight Kit

"NOS" Headlight Kit- E8HM (AP71)

"NOS" Small Accessory Outlet Kit- E8HM (AP41):

The E8M series did not come with a small accessory outlet as standard equipment thus you had to purchase this kit separately. It basically allowed for the owner to use Elec-Trak hand tools with the E8M and the E8HM. I was able to pick up a couple of these "NOS" from Kansas Wind Power. They were a pioneer in the alternate energy business and have been in that business now for over 35 years. They have always advocated the use of Elec-Trak tractors and now and then come across parts they put up for sale. The Small Accessory Outlet Kit (AP41) was highlighted on Page 11 of the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:
Small Accessory Outlet Kit- E8HM (AP41)

"NOS" Small Accessory Outlet Kit- E8HM (AP41)

Snow Cab for the E8M & E10M (AG54):

The Snow Cab for the E8M & E10M (AG54) is pretty rare and I was very lucky to find out that the Electric Tractor Store actually had two of them in stock! They were both pretty rough but all the pieces were there.

Associated Publications:
E8HM Snow Cab

E8HM Snow Cab (AG54)

"NOS" Chains- 2 Link- E8HM (AP63):

Finding original tire chains for Elec-Traks has been next to impossible, at least, that has been my experience. I did however recently find pairs for both my E8HM and E10M so there's still hope! I have been able to buy modern chains for all my other tractors and although I now live in Tennessee and no longer have as much snow to contend with as I used to, they still come in really handy on the farm giving us extra traction when we need it.

E8HM Chains

"NOS" Elec-Trak E8HM Tire Chains (AP63)