My Elec-Traks - New Idea Attachments & Accessories

G.E. provided a number of attachments for the New Idea line, almost all were identical to the G.E. line. Many were painted with New Idea's Bittersweet and Buff color combinations. Some were even G.E. logo'd such as the G.E. Hand Tools. Since they were near identical tractors, pretty much everything that worked on the Elec-Trak series could be made to work on the New Idea tractors as well.

New Idea Touch-up Paint- Buff:

The New Idea colors were Bittersweet Orange and Buff Cream. This is an original can of "Buff" paint from the 1970's. Actually you can still buy both colors of New Idea paint however the shades of the colors have changed slightly over the years. Bittersweet Orange has more red in it today than in the 1970's Buff has changed slightly as well so if you purchase these thinking you will be restoring your tractor to the original colors beware, you might not be very happy as the new colors will not match the paint colors that are on your original New Idea Elec-Trak.

New Idea Buff Paint

An original 1970's can of New Idea "Buff" paint.

New Idea Mid-Mount Mower Deck:

This NOS New Idea Mower Deck was found by Mark Frerking still in the original box. These are the things collectors dream and live for! 40 years old and in mint condition.

EGT 200

Frozen in time.

EGT 200

Way too nice to ever cut grass with!

EGT 200

Personally, I think I'd wear gloves to even handle that!

Additional items that I am interested in are…

  • New Idea Rototiller
  • New Idea Dump Cart
  • New Idea Inverter
  • New Idea Manuals
  • New Idea Promotional Items
If you have any of these items and wish to see them go to a good home where they will be well appreciated, please ! Even if you are not ready to part with them just yet I would welcome any pictures you can send me of these items that I might add them to this site to share with others.