My Elec-Traks - Hand Tool Attachments

The G.E. Elec-Trak Hand Tool Collection is comprised of nine different power tools that plug into the accessory port on the Elec-Trak tractors. They are all 36V and after lots of hunting I have been able to track down at least one of each of them. I have to admit some are not very practical and with the advent of cordless hand tools the rest have all but become obsolete but they are fun to have just the same and in their day they were truly a revolution! They were highlighted starting on Page 10 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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Elec-Trak Chain Saw (HS13):

The Elec-Trak Chain Saw (HS13) was made by the Generac Corporation for General Electric. As a history lesson, in 2003, Briggs and Straton acquired its consumer generator business from the Beacon Group and formed Briggs & Stratton Power Products. The Beacon Group had previously purchased the Consumer Products Division of Generac Corporation (now Generac Power Systems) in 1998. The G.E. chainsaw was made by this division of Generac along with many other OEM chainsaws for companies such as Sears. By today standards it has a rather short bar (13 inches) and of course you are tethered to the tractor by a somewhat short cable (20 feet) but those who have used it swear by it as a really quality chainsaw. The chainsaw is among the most sought after accessories made for the Elec-Trak family of tractors. I have three of them, two produced for the General Electric line of tractors and another manufactured for the New Idea line of electric tractors. The Elec-Trak Chain Saw weighs just 11.5 pounds and the motor delivers up to 1 hp of power.


The Elec-Trak Chainsaw (HS13)

Another Elec-Trak fan demonstrating the Chainsaw (HS13) Attachment!

"NOS" Power Handle (TM3):

The Elec-Trak Power Handle (TM3) serves as the drive mechanism for four of the other G.E. hand tools. It resembles the handle of a modern drill motor and indeed is used as such for two of the four tools it supports. It was also designed to be used with the "Blade Sharpener of the TH20" (AP20) to sharpen the blades on Elec-Trak mower decks. I was lucky enough to fall into a "NOS" one an ex-dealer had. The (TM3) sported a 1/3 hp electric motor.

Power Handle

"NOS" Elec-Trak Power Tool Handle (TM3)

Power Handle Box

Elec-Trak Power Tool Handle (TM3) Original Box

"NOS" Extension Cord (HT25):

General Electric actually offered three different extension cords for the Elec-Trak family.. This one was 25' long and was used to give some extended cable length to the Elec-Traks 36V DC Hand Tools. It plugged into the tractor's accessory port. The other extension cords were the 100' long Extension Cord (PM10) used to provide power to the 120V AC "E1" Walk-Behind Mower and the 30' Extension Cord (CT30) for the Hard Surface Vacuum (CV60). I've ended up with five of these (HT25) extensions from different purchases, two of which are "NOS". They do come in handy.

Extension Cord

"NOS" Elec-Trak 25' Extension Cord (HT25).

"NOS" Hedge Trimmer (TH70):

The Elec-Traks Hedge Trimmer was again a little short by today’s standards, only 15 long inches but it works remarkably well. It uses the Elec-Trak Power Handle (TM3) above for its drive mechanism and is one of my favorite tools. I actually use it quite a bit. The blades run at 750 strokes per minute and it weighs just 2.5 pounds. In December 1973, G.E. found itself with a surplus of Power Handles (TM3) in stock and notified dealers that they could no longer order the Hedge Trimmer (TH70) or the Grass Trimmer Head (TH80) separately but must purchase a Power Handle (TM3) with each purchase even though the power head was interchangeable and a single head could be used for several different tools. That's one way to move product! Like I said, this is a really neat attachment- show me a gas garden tractor with a hedge trimmer attachment.

Hedge Trimmer

"NOS" Elec-Trak Hedge Trimmer (TH70)

NOS Hedge Trimmer

Not mine but this is what a "NOS" box looks like

Hedge Trimmer Box

Outside of an original Hedge Trimmer box

"NOS" Grass Trimmer Head (TH80):

The Grass Trimmer accessory seems to be fairly popular but may be the most dated of the G.E. hand tools. It runs very fast and the blades work like several slicing scissors however without a long handle it means getting on your hands and knees to use it, something the modern day American is not too fond of. There seems to have been an optional long handle for its sister 120V offering from G.E. but I do not believe they ever offered it with the Elec-Trak family. Again it uses the Elec-Trak Power Handle (TM3) above as its drive mechanism. I was lucky enough to fall into a "NOS" one an ex-dealer had. The blades are 5" long and run at 750 strokes per minute. The unit itself weighs less than two pounds.

Grass Trimmer Head

"NOS" Elec-Trak Grass Trimmer (TH80)

Grass Trimmer Head Box

Original Grass Trimmer box

Grass Trimmer Head Box

A look inside...

"NOS" 1/4” (TH20) and "NOS" 3/8” (TH30) Drill Heads:

These two drill heads attached to the Elec-Trak Power Handle (TM3) to provide the user with a portable drill before the days of battery operated hand tools. Why General Electric made two different sizes is beyond me but they did. They seem to be fairly rare but when they come up for sale there never seems to be too many takers for them. I guess their day in the sun is over with the advent of the modern battery operated power tool. I would still put them up against any modern portable drill for endurance- kind of hard to beat six Trojan T-105s as a battery pack! I was able to pick up a "NOS" 1/4" (TH20) from the Electric Tractor Store and a "NOS" 3/8" (TH30) from an ex-dealer in Pennsylvania.

3/8 Drill Head

"NOS" Elec-Trak 3/8" Drill Head (TH30)

1/4 Drill Head

"NOS" Elec-Trak 1/4" Drill Head (TH20)

3/8 Drill Head Box

"NOS" Elec-Trak 3/8" Drill Head Box

1/4 Drill Head Box

"NOS" Elec-Trak 1/4" Drill Head Box

Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE06):

The Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE06) had its own built in drive mechanism and did not depend on the G.E. Power Head (TM3) however it did require the use of the 25' Extension Cord (HT25) as the power cord it came with was very short. Both it and the Weeder/Cultivator (HC05) were made by the McGraw-Edison Company for General Electric. McGraw-Edison Co. was created by the 1957 acquisition by McGraw Electric Co. (founded 1900) of Thomas A. Edison Industries (founded 1911). In 1957, shortly after McGraw-Edison was created, the company acquired the Griswold Manufacturing Company which made a line of portable electric tools. In 1969 they also acquired General Electric's power tool business. Today the company sticks pretty much to lighting products.

This particular attachment was the predecessor to the modern day “weed whacker” having a long handle on it. It is pretty clunky using a small mower blade to do it's work and I am not sold on the quality of the job it performs and certainly not on the safety of the machine. Still, it says "Elec-Trak" on it which means it has to be cool! It weighs just 8.5 pounds and its six inch blade rotates at 7,000 rpm. The head rotates 90 degrees to allow use as either a grass trimmer or a lawn edger for around the sidewalk. In late 1971 there was a recall of both the (HE06) and (HC05) due to the fact brushes of incorrect voltage were installed dramatically shorting their operational life.

Lawn Edge Trimmer

The Elec-Trak Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE06)

Edge Trimmer Close-up

Close-up of the Elec-Trak Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE06) head.

Edge Trimmer Blade

Close-up of the Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE06) blade.

Weeder/Cultivator (HC05):

While the Elec-Traks Weeder/Cultivator (HC05) may have limited capability and is limited in its performance (with the right soil and right weeds it might do pretty well, but it’s not for every garden.) it is also very cool. It was also made by the McGraw-Edison Company and like the Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE08) had a long handle and it’s own drive mechanism. It also required the 25' Extension Cord (HT25). Regardless of its innate abilities, it is just plain cool and is fun to demonstrate and watch spin around. If nothing else it must have been a great marketing tool! The Weeder/Cultivator weighs just 9 pounds and could dig down to a depth of six inches in the right soil. The tines on the machine work at 400 rpm and till a path 5" wide.

Weed Cultivator

The Elec-Trak Weed Cultivator (HC05)

Weed Cultivator

Close-up of the Elec-Trak Weed Cultivator (HC05) head.

Weed Cultivator

Close-up of the Elec-Trak Weed Cultivator (HC05) tines.