My Elec-Traks - The New Idea EGT 100 Tractor

EGT 100

My daugther McKendra on my "NOS" EGT 100

G.E. convinced the New Idea Company of Coldwater, OH to allow them to run a line of OEM tractors for them at the same time G.E. would continue to run their own tractors down the assembly line. They sported the New Idea signature two-toned "Bittersweet" and "Buff" color scheme.

Being an OEM model produced for New Idea, the EGT 100 was identical to the G.E. Elec-Trak Model E10M with the exception of the color scheme and decals of course. All together, only 800 total New Idea EGT 100 tractors were ever produced. I have seen at least a couple come up for sale but you may have to wait a long time! I bought both my EGT 80 and EGT 100 as a packaged deal from Harold Zimmerman. The EGT 100 was NOS and was owned by a dealer and had never been used. Although only a few associated publications are listed, please see the full listing of New Idea publications for additional information.

Associated Publications: