My Elec-Traks - E20 Tractor "Our Sunflower!"

E20 with Front-end Loader

A "Fully Restored" E20 - Top of the line!

The E20 is the grand-daddy of the Elec-Trak Family. If you can own just one tractor, make it an E20! These machines are rock solid and have enormous torque. They can handle a front-end loader, fork-lift, sickle mower and even plow. The one I have is a Harold Zimmerman restoration and is an almost ground up restoration. Near the end of the restoration Harold came across a front-end loader and I was lucky enough to be the first caller he had on it. I'm sure it would have been gone by the next call. He graciously mounted it on the tractor for me before I picked it up. I still have to freshen the paint on it so it matches the beautiful job Harold did on the tractor.

Although I try to keep my Elec-Traks as close to original as possible I did install (4) ply tires on the front of my E20 verses the original Elec-Trak logo'd 2 ply tires that came with the tractor. They are still Carlisle Turf Savers and the same physical size but I found the weight of the front-end loader was just too much for the 35 year old tires which kept going flat. The (4) ply tires supported almost 150 lbs. of weight per tire more than the (2) ply and with a 1050 pound tractor with at least 100 pounds in the weight box, a 230 pound driver and the weight of that front end loader, it was pretty much a no brainer why 35 year old tires could not hold up. Also as you can see it does not have the original E20 one-piece seat that came with the tractor on it today. I'm still looking for one of those- if you happen to have a spare one in good shape, please me!

Associated Publications:

E20- under the hood

Under the E20 hood, the built-in charger, power cord, two of the six batteries,
the wiring for the PTO and accessories outlets and the serial number plate.

E20- under the seat

Under the E20 seat sits the other four of the six batteries.