My Elec-Traks - Construction Attachments

G.E. provided a number of attachments aimed at the construction industry. Well, I call it the construction industry. My wife of course just laughs at me. Actually they are neat attachments that could and are used in a lot of different environments but you can't blame a guy for wanting to play with an "earth mover"!

Front-end Loader (AL40):

Hands down the neatest attachment I own. I actually use it a lot, mostly for handling heavy loads around the farm. The Front-end Loader (AL40) was made for General Electric by Wright Way of Eagle Grove, Iowa. I read once in a thread they were in business for only about a year. I got mine from Harold Zimmerman who got it from a fellow who really took excellent care of it over the years. A little new paint and you would think it came right off the showroom floor. It was designed to lift up to 500lbs. provided you had 250lbs. in the weight box and a 175lbs. rider. The hydraulics system runs off a E8M motor and although sales literature claims you can take it on and off the tractor in two minutes, I would pretty much plan on dedicating a machine to it. That claim may have been exaggerated slightly. It can however raise a load up to a maximum of 74" in six seconds, not too shabby. The unit itself plugs into the PTO port and requires the PTO switch to be "on" to operate. The E8M motor runs all the time the PTO switch is on whether you are operating the loader or not and tends to be pretty noisy as it is mounted on the side of the tractor and not tucked neatly underneath. I leave my PTO switch off unless I am actually operating the bucket itself for a little more peace and quiet.

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Front-end Loader

Best toy I've ever been given to play with!

Loader Motor

A close-up of the E8M drive motor that powers the hydraulics.

Loader Close-up

A close-up view of the Front-end Loader's hydraulic system

Heavy-Duty Spindle Kit (KS70):

The Heavy-Duty Spindle Kit (KS70) was designed to strengthen the front-end of the tractor when heavy loads such as the front-end loader were added. They are a must for these heavy loads and required when using the (AL40) Front-end Loader. The I5 comes standard with heavy duty spindles, they are an option on all other models. There is not much to it really, just an additional piece of metal welded to the spindle to help take the strain off the metal. The picture below shows a standard spindle (Left) compared to heavy duty spindles for both the Elec-Traks an the I5 (Middle and Right).

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Heavy-duty spindles

A standard Spindle (Left) compared to Heavy-duty Spindles (Middle, Right)

Front Platform Lift (BL36):

One might argue the Front Platform Lift (BL36) is the poor man's front-end loader but actually it was billed as a "home owners lift". G.E. no doubt thought there were plenty of uses for this attachment around the home even if one did not need an "earth mover". From taking trash cans to the curb or moving heavy objects I'm sure this attachment had its place. Frankly I never expected to find one of these but the Electric Tractor Store had a used one I picked up on a visit there and so I can now check another attachment off my list. Basically it uses the tractor's front lift to raise objects in the air. It was highlighted on Page 8 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

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Front Platform Lift

Front Platform Lift (BL36)

Front Platform Lift Roller

Front Platform Lift (BL36) Roller

48 inch Snow/Dozer Blade (AB48):

The Elec-Trak 48" Snow/Dozer Blade (AB48) is a real work horse. I loved clearing snow with it even more than the using the Elec-Trak Snow Thrower. The reason being is when you just have the noise of the tractor and no thrower it is deathly quiet outside and is so much more of a pleasant experience- not to mention how much the neighbors like it! The Snow/Dozer Blade attaches to the large frame tractors using the (AP56) Implement Bracket or in the case of the E12M the (AP55) Implement Bracket. You use the tractor's front lift to move it up and down and the Blade Angling Kit (KB84) to move it side to side. It was highlighted on Page 5 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure. When originally purchased as an accessory, G.E. included a weight box in with the blade package.

Associated Publications:

48 inch Dozer Blade

The Elec-Trak 48" Snow/Dozer Blade (AB48)

"NOS" Blade Angling Kit (KB84):

The Blade Angling Kit was used to move the 48" Snow/Dozer Blades from side to side. I was able to get a "NOS" Kit from Harold Zimmerman. It was mentioned with the Snow/Dozer Blade (AB48) highlighted on Page 5 in the Elec-Trak Attachments and Accessories brochure.

Associated Publications:

Blade Angling Kit

"NOS" Blade Angling Kit (KB84)

Blade Angling Kit Box

"NOS" Blade Angling Kit (KB84) Original Box