My Elec-Traks - Steve's Shore's 2011 Summer Elec-Trak Party

In 2011, the year prior to the 40th Anniversary Gathering, Steve and Diana Shore hosted a "Summer Elec-Trak Party" at their home which brought together a few modern day collectors, a few former Elec-Trak employees, and we managed to talk Bruce Laumeister himself into coming. For those of you who attended this event and may have any additional photographs you would like to share, please them to me.

Great random video footage of the day.

Me with Bruce Laumeister

...myself with the General Manager of the Elec-trak project Mr. Bruce Laumeister at
the "Summer Elec-Trak Party" 2011 organized and hosted by Steve and Diana Shore.

Steve's Restored E20

Steve's Shore's fully restored Elec-Trak E-20.

Toy Elec-Trak

A model "Elec-Trak" given to Mr. Laumeister when he left G.E.

Brass plate

Brass plate on the award.

Front view

Close-up of the front of the award.


Bruce Laumeister and Ellis Blood meeting again after 40 years!.

Early G.E. Workers

"A few of the G.E. Elec-Trak Garden Tractor pioneers"
Jack Hamil, Ellis Blood, Bruce Laumeister, Mike Anostario and Howard Squires

Dick Coffin & Bruce Laumeister

Another early Elec-Trak pioneer, Dick Coffin with Bruce Laumeister.

Elec-Trak Pie

Natalie DeTraglia baked an amazing Elec-Trak pie for the occasion!


Eating lunch in the shade.

G.E. Elec-Trak plant as it looks today

Took a ride by the old G.E. Elec-Trak plant while in town- my GraceLand!

Front door of the plant

This was the front door believe it or not!