My Elec-Traks - Wish List!

Below is my total "Wish List" of Elec-Trak related items I'm still interested in adding to my collection. Following it is a complete listing of what I currently now have. I am always looking to add to my collection so please me if you need to make some room in your garage or barn for other projects and/or are just ready to pass any of these items along. Also I am always looking to upgrade my collection with "New Old Stock" (NOS) items so if you have any of those items that you see I currently have second hand whether they are parts, attachments or even whole tractors hidden away in barns please contact me. Your part of Elec-Trak "history" will be well appreciated.

E1 Specific Equipment
100' Extension Cord- E1 (PM10)
Grass bag only- E1 (PM15)

E8M Specific Equipment
Snow Cab for E8M and E10M (AG54)
Rear PTO Kit- E8M (KP38)
Fuel Gauge Kit- E8M (KF08)
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 Link- E8M (AP63)

E8HM Specific Equipment
Rear PTO Kit- E8HM (KP38)
Fuel Gauge Kit- E8HM (KF08)

E10M Specific Equipment
Rear PTO Kit- E10M (KP38)

E12M Specific Equipment
42” Mid-Mount Mower, Rear Discharge- E12M (AH42R)
Heavy Duty Transaxle Kit- E12M (KM12)
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 Link- E12M (AP65)

E12 Specific Equipment
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 link- E12 (AP65)

E12S Specific Equipment
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 link- E12S (AP65)

E14 Specific Equipment
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 link- E14 (AP65)

E15 Specific Equipment
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 link- E15 (AP66)

E20 Specific Equipment
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 link- E20 (AP67)

Lawn Equipment
Mower Blades (AP23, AP24, AP25, AP27)
Lawn Vacuum (AV75)
Broadcast Spreader (BS40) [Roto-Spred]
Front Gang Mower (AR56) [Roxy Bonner, Inc.]
Vac Attachment Kit for E-Z VAC 40E (Model 200)
Rear Roller Conversion Kit

Snow Equipment
Heavy Duty Bolted Weight Box (AP85C)
Snow Thrower Motor Conversion Kit

Shop Floor Equipment
Heavy Duty Front Lift (AP95)
Counter Weights (CF65)
Overhead Guard (CF66)
Drum Handler (CF67)
Light Duty Pallet (CP20)
30' Extension Cord (CT30)
Vacuum (CV60) [Ecology/Sensational Products]

Misc. Equipment
Six Passenger Personnel Carrier (CT40)
Six Passenger Personnel Carrier w/top (CT46)
Travel Trailer 5' x 8' for Automobile- cap. 950lbs.(CT58)
Nine Passenger Personnel Carrier (CT60)
Nine Passenger Personnel Carrier w/top (CT69)
(6) Safety Hitch Pins- ½” (AP51)
Bermuda Bell (AP68) <== Part number later re-used for chains.
Protective Covers (AP79)
AMS Trash Compactor [AMS Inc.]
M-30 Brake Conversion Kit

Maintenance Tools
Tire Gauge (0-20lbs) (AP14)
Orange Touch-up Paint (AP33)
Grease Gun (AP35)
Grease Cartridge for AP35 (AP36)
Tire Studding Gun (AP64) <== Part number later re-used for chains.
Large Crimping Tool
Locquic Primer grade T
Loctite Retaining Compound #75

Promotional Items
4' X 6' Double-sided Fluorescent Lighted Sign
50-second Film Clip (AS-7022)
30-second Film Clip (AS-7106)
1972 Electric Year Banner (GEN-398)
Yellow Fluorescent-lighted Dealer Sign (GEN-978)
24" X 40" Aluminum Sign (GEN-979)
Sidewalk Sign (GEN-982)
Truck Sign (GEN-983)
Truck Sign (GEN-983B)
Display Card (GEN-984)
Wall Chart (GEN-985)
Wall Chart (GEN-985B)
Imprinted Balloons (GEN-987B)
Tees & Putting Markers (GEN-989)
Magnetic Feature Set (GEN-1176)
Testimonial Poster (GEN-5544)
Testimonial Poster (GEN-5544B)

See my "Wish List" here.

New Idea Equipment
Dump Cart
Promotional Items

Wheel Horse Equipment
Promotional Items

John Deere 90 & 96 Equipment
38" Dozer Blade
Promotional Items

Cub Cadet 95 Equipment
Lawn Mower Bagger
Dozer Blade
Promotional Items

Sears LT/36E Equipment
36" Lawn Roller
10 Bushel, 38" Lawn Sweeper
Promotional Items

Jacobsen Equipment
Promotional Items

G.E. Family Parking Sign

My Current Collection includes.....

General Electric Tractors New Idea Tractors (Electric)
E1 NOS (PM32) EGT R36
E10M (Small-framed Cab) EGT 150
E12M EGT 200
E12 (Golf Cart)
E12S (Soft-sided Cab) Wheel Horse Tractors (Electric)
E14 NOS A-65
E15 NOS B-145
E16 (Steel-sided Cab) (2) C-185
E20 (Front-end Loader) A-60
I1 (Fork-Lift) E-81
I2 (Fork-Lift) E-141
I5 (Fork-Lift)
John Deere Tractors (Electric)
IH Cub Cadet (Electric) Model 90
Model 95 Model 96
Jacobsen Electra (Electric) Sears Tractors (Electric)
Mark IV Model LT/36E
E1 Specific Equipment
100' Extension Cord- E1 (PM10) {Replica} New Idea Attachments
Heavy Duty Grass Catcher- E1 (PM15) NOS Small-frame Cab
Mower Blades- E1 NOS Large-frame Cab
Snow Thrower NOS
ER8-36 Specific Equipment 48" Dozer Blade
Mower Blades- ER8-36 (AP27) NOS (6) Mower Decks- Mid-Mount
Lawn Sweeper
E8M Specific Equipment
36" Mid-mount Mower- E8M (AH36) Rear Electric Lift NOS
Implement Mounting Bracket- E8M (AP54) Home Owner Lift
Weight/Tool Box- E8M (AP86) Welder NOS
Mower Blades - E8M (AP26) NOS Chainsaw
Speed Reduction Kit- E8M (KD38) NOS Weight Box NOS
Headlight Kit- E8M (AP71) NOS Power Pack Booster NOS
Small Accessory Outlet Kit- E-8M (AP41) NOS Radio Bracket
Tire Chains- 2 Link- E8M (AP63) {Replica} Speed Reduction Kit (EGT 80-100) NOS
E8M to E8HM Heavy Duty Kit (KT25) NOS Tail Light Kit NOS
42" Dozer Blade- E8M (AB42) Headlight Kit NOS
Brinly Disk NOS
E8HM Specific Equipment Brinley Cultivator NOS
36" Mid-mount Mower- E8HM (AH36) NOS
Mower Blades- E8HM (AP26) NOS
8” Mid-Mount Snow Thrower- E8HM (AD38AA)
42" Snow/Dozer Blade- E8HM (AB42)
Implement Mounting Bracket- E8HM (AP54) NOS Wheel Horse Attachments
Weight/Tool Box- E8HM (AP86) NOS Snow Cab
Speed Reduction Kit- E8HM (KD38) NOS 42" Snow Thrower
Headlight Kit- E8HM (AP71) NOS 42" Snow/Dozer Blade
Small Accessory Outlet Kit- E8HM (AP41) NOS 48" Snow/Dozer Blade NOS
Snow Cab for E8M and E10 (AG54) E81 Snow/Dozer Blade NOS
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 Link- E8HM (AP63) NOS (6) Mower Decks
Lawn Sweeper
E10M Specific Equipment Weight/Tool Box
36" Mid-mount Mower- E10M (AH36) Inverter
Mower Blades- E10M (AP26) NOS Tiller & Tiller Mounting Bracket NOS
38” Mid-Mount Snow Thrower- E10M (AD38AA) Rear Electric Lift
42" Snow/Dozer Blade- E10M (AB42) Disk Harrow NOS
Implement Mounting Bracket- E10M (AP54) NOS Seat Arms NOS
Weight/Tool Box- E10M (AP86) NOS Seat Springs
Speed Reduction Kit- E10M (KD38) NOS
Headlight Kit- E10M (AP71) NOS
PTO Kit- E10M (KD10) NOS John Deere 90 & 96 Attachments
Snow Cab for E8M and E10 (AG54) (2) Mower Decks
Elec-Trak Tire Chains- 2 link- E10M (AP64) NOS (2) Tractor Cover

Front-end Weight Kit NOS
E12M Specific Equipment 8" & 5" Hub Caps
42” Mid-mount mower, Side Discharge- E12M (AH42S) Dump Cart
(2) Implement Mounting Bracket- E12M (AP55) NOS 38T Lawn Sweeper
Dozer Blade Adapter- E12M (KB48) NOS 31T Lawn Sweeper
Lift Bar Kit- E12M (KB48) NOS
(2) Snow Thrower Adapter Kit- E12M (KD42) NOS Cub Cadet 95 Attachments
Sleeve Hitch - E12M (AP49) NOS Mower Deck NOS
Tire Chains- 2 link- E12M (AP65) {Replica} #1 Lawn Sweeper

#2 Cart
E12 Specific Equipment Front & Back Bumpers
1973 Appearance Kit– E12 (A12) NOS
Tire Chains- 2 link- E12 (AP65) {Replica} Sears LT/36E Attachments

36" Mower Deck
E12S Specific Equipment 7 cu. ft. Hauling Cart
Tire Chains- 2 link- E12S (AP65) {Replica} Snow/Dozer Blade NOS

Sears Tire Chains NOS
E14 Specific Equipment 48" Spreader/Seeder
Tire Chains- 2 link- E14 (AP65) {Replica}

Jacobsen Mark IV Attachments
E15 Specific Equipment Mower Deck
1973 Appearance Kit– E15 (A15) NOS
Tire Chains- 2 link- E15 (AP66) {Replica}

E16 Specific Equipment
Tire Chains- 2 link- E16 (AP68)

E20 Specific Equipment
Tire Chains- 2 link- E20 (AP67) {Replica}

I2 Specific Equipment
Heavy Duty Front Bumper- I2 NOS
Spring Pin Hitch– I2 (CH11) NOS

I5 Specific Equipment
Heavy Duty Front Bumper- I5 NOS
Spring Pin Hitch– I5 (CH11) NOS

Lawn Equipment
(3) 42” Rotary Mower Rear Discharge (AA42R)
42” Rotary Mower Side Discharge (AA42S)
(3) Mower Attachment Brackets
Mower Clamp Kit NOS
Safety Chute Kit for (AH36) AND (AH42S) NOS
(4) Mower Blade Kits (AP25)
Rear Gang Mower (AR57) [Roxy Bonner, Inc]
Lawn Roller (BR36) [Ohio Steel]
Lawn Sweeper (AS31) [Lambert]
Electric Conversion Kit (KS31)
Electric Conversion Kit (KS32)
42" Heavy Duty Motor Kit (KA03)
Rear Discharge Kit (KR42)
Side Discharge Kit (KS42)
E-Z Vac Lawn Vacuum (40E) [E-Z-Rake Corp.]
E-Z Vac Metal Cart Cover & Bonnet (20) [E-Z-Rake Corp.]
Electric Rake (LFT-GE) [York Modern Corp.]
(2) Dump Cart (AF12) [Ohio Steel]
Trackless Train Hitch (KF12) [Ohio Steel] NOS
Aerator/Cultivator (BA36) [Ohio Steel]

Snow Equipment
Snow Cab- Steel Side (AG55) [Curtis Tractor Cab]
(2) Snow Cab- Soft Side (AG56) NOS
(5) Dozer/Thrower Bracket (AP56) NOS
42” Snow Thrower (AD42AA)
42” Snow Thrower (AD42AB)
42" Snow Thrower (AD42AC)
V-Plow (BV48) [Superior Implement] NOS
V-Plow Gauge Shoe Kit (KS30) [Superior Implement] NOS
(5) Weight/Tool Box- Large (AP85) NOS

Construction Equipment
Front-end Loader (AL40) [E. G. & W. Mfg. Co.]
Heavy Duty Spindle Kit (KS70)
Front Platform Lift (BL36)
(2) 48" Dozer Blade (AB48)
(4) Blade Angling Kit (KB84) NOS

Farm Equipment
(2) Sickle Bar Mower (AM48) [Haban]
Electric Sprayer- Prototype (AK70) [Hudson] {Replica}
Tiller (VV-100) [Brinly-Hardy]
Tiller Mounting Bracket (VV-101) [Brinly-Hardy]
Tiller Optional End Cover Kit (VV102) [Brinly-Hardy]
Electric Rear Lift (AP59)
(3) Manual Lift (AP58) NOS
(3) Sleeve Hitch (AP60) NOS
(3) Agricultural Tires and Rims (AP77) [Goodyear] NOS
Moldboard Plow (PP510) [Brinly-Hardy] NOS
Disk Harrow (DD500) [Brinly-Hardy]
Crop Cultivator (CC500) [Brinly-Hardy]
Tool Bar (TT100) [Brinly-Hardy] NOS

Shop Floor Equipment
Fork Lift (CF92) NOS
Fork Lift (CF74)
Fork Lift (CF48)
(2) Counter Weights (CF65) NOS
(2) Overhead Guard (CF66) NOS
Maintenance Cart (CF20) NOS
Rotary Broom (CGE48) [Jenkins Equipment]
Motor Drive Kit (KM10)
Sweepster Electrification Kit (C48)
Vacuum & Cart (CV70) [Ecology/Sensational Products]
(3) DC Arc Welder (AP90) NOS
Welder Accessory Kit (AP92) NOS
Inverter- Rotary (CE12) [Redi-line]
Inverter- Electronic (AP60)

Golf Equipment
Golf Canopy Top- Flat (BC11) [Breton Industries]
(2) Golf Canopy Top- Peaked (BC11) [Breton Industries] NOS
(2) Dual Golf Bag Holder (BG33) [Breton Industries]
(2) Double Seat (BD22) [Breton Industries] NOS

Misc. Equipment
Tractor Cover (AP80) NOS
(2) Mower Cover (AP81) NOS
(2) Power Pack Booster (AP84) NOS
(3) Hitch Adapter (CH10) NOS
(3) Rear PTO Outlet Kit (KP36) NOS
(3) Front and Rear Receptacle Kit (KP37) NOS
Rear Tail Light (AP70) NOS
Electric Horn Kit (AP69) NOS
Auxiliary Light (AP72) NOS
(2) Radio Bracket (AP75) NOS
(6) Convenience Pin Hitch (AP53) NOS
(2) Seat Spring Kit (AP45) NOS

Elec-Trak Hand Tools
(2) Chain Saw (HS13) [Generac Corporation]
(5) Power Handle (TM3) NOS
(5) Extension Cord (HT25) NOS
(2) Hedge Trimmer (TH70) NOS
(4) Grass Trimmer Head (TH80) NOS
(2) 3/8” Drill (TH30) NOS
(3) 1/4" Drill (TH20) NOS
(1) 1/2" Drill (TH10)
(2) Lawn Edge Trimmer (HE08) [McGraw Edison]
(2) Weed Cultivator (HC05) [McGraw Edison]

Maintenance Tools
Hydrometer (Hydro-Mite) (AP10) NOS
Hydrometer (Specific Gravity) (AP11) NOS
Measured Battery Filler (AP12) NOS
Blade Sharpener for TH20 (AP20) NOS
(2) Yellow Touch-up Paint- Spray Can (AP29) NOS
Yellow Touch-up Paint– Pint can (AP30) NOS
Battery Terminal Protector- Grease (AP31) NOS
Small Crimper
Multimeter NOS
Digital Volt Meter (ESCA-3)
Battery Service Kit [K-D Tools] NOS
Battery Lift Strap [K-D Tools]
(2) Auxiliary Charging Kit (243A4817G1) NOS
Battery Tester (BT2500)
Battery Pack Load Tester

Promotional Items
4' X 6' Store Front Sign (GEN-391)
3' X 9' Store Front Sign (GEN-392)
Sound Movie (GEN-397) NOS
Fluorescent Lighted Dealer Sign (GEN-978) NOS
Boom & Bracket Sign (GEN-980)
Wall Sign (GEN-981) NOS
Lapel Buttons (GEN-986) NOS
Planting Guide Ruler (GEN-988)
Key Tag (GEN-990)
Elec-Trak Tie Clip (GEN-992) NOS
Cloth Patch (GEN-993) NOS
"Automatic" Tractor Seller (GEN-1177) NOS
"Free Mower" Showroom Sign NOS
Rotary Phone Dial Cover NOS
8" Elec-Trak Dealer Decal NOS
Elec-Trak Dealer Thermometer

See the ones I have here.